Module Roundup – February ’21

Welcome to the first edition of the monthly Module Roundup! In this series we are going to briefly talk about some modules that came out or got a significant update that month. The exact format is still up in the air and may change over time but for now we are going with three modules in each category.

The selection of these modules will be the authors choice and there will always be some awesome modules that won’t make the list. Feel free to leave a comment if you think a module missing or if you really want to highlight a specific module we are happy to work with you to help you out to submit an article of your own.

Recently updated

Compendium Browser

Almost forgotten and left for dead this module recently received a breath of life from Spetzel who took over the project. Compendium Browser provides a better viewing experience for compendiums and this release improves the loading time of the browser and it should no longer crash servers due to high memory or CPU requirements hopefully fixing a long-term issue this module had.

Token Attacher

You probably have heard about this one or you will now – Token Attacher from KayelGee lets you attach anything to tokens and the attachments will move and behave like the token they are linked to. The module got a very big update this month which includes among other things the ability to attach tokens with each other. This means you can have tokens follow each other or use on token as a mount so you don’t have to rely on older (not maintained) modules anymore for this functionality. This is just the tip of the ice berg there is a ton of more awesome stuff in this module you should definitely check out the video by Baileywiki showing off all the new things you can do with it.

Midi Quality of Life Improvements

There are a bunch of modules from the author tposney that all have nice synergy with each other and are in constant development and I will do them not the justice they deserve by briefly talking about just one of them. That being said it was an exciting month for the Dungeon Master who likes to automate their games as much as possible. MidiQOL is a module for DND5e that automates a lot of things. It received far too many changes and fixes to list them all but two of my personal highlights are support for concentration automation (depends on DAE and CUB being active) and the ability to automate conditional damage bonuses on hit (e.g. Hunter’s Mark) via macros.

New Modules

Bug Reporter

Now you can cause developers sleepless nights with this module brought to you by Ethck with the help of Calego and cswendrowski. It lets you report bugs and issues you have for a specific module from within the Foundry UI itself. For this to work module developers need to opt-in – which is as easy as adding two lines into your module manifest – and use either GitHub or GitLab as their place to report issues. As a user you won’t need to register a new account for either because the issues will be posted using the League of Extraordinary FoundryVTT Developers accounts.

Drag Ruler

If you are a fan of Show Drag Distance module but are worried because it is no longer maintained then Drag Ruler by Stäbchenfisch is what you are looking for. It provides basically all functionality of SDD and additionally also provides an API functionality which will make it easier to adopt for other systems than Dungeon and Dragons. And it even works for gridless maps!

Autocomplete Inline Properties

You like to tinker with items by adding custom properties but you can never remember the data structure? Then cole has you covered with this new module offering auto completion! The autocomplete function will work similar to familiar editors using TAB to complete the current highlighted word in the list or ENTER to confirm the selection and is triggered by either entering @ or pressing a new floating button that will appear on top of the form input.

Due to Foundry Hub’s release in February we missed out on highlighting some new modules from January. It would be a shame not include them. So here is a bonus round.


Next Up

Recently Kandashi released a bunch of new modules that are all awesome and would deserve a spot here but my favorite is Next Up. This module will open up the character sheet of the current combatant when using the combat tracker and optionally pan towards the token and if that is not enough it also gives you the functionality of the very popular module Turn Marker if you are looking for an alternative.

Monk’s TokenBar

Another very active developer recently is IronMonk who released among other modules the TokenBar. This one adds all player tokens that are in the active scene in a neat little movable bar providing not only important information like AC and perception at glance but also functions as tool to easily prompt players with roll checks and award experience points.

DF Curvy Walls

Last but not least a feature that many have wished for a long time is finally possible with this module by flameweave000. It adds bezier curve and ellipse tools to the walls layer that will help you build your maps faster and better. It lets you also choose how many wall segments should be used for the curvy walls to improve performance.


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3 years ago

The original Turn Marker was replaced by Turn Marker Alt (a new dev took over the Turn Marker mod basically). It was last updated January 20th so it still current and working fine. The new dev has not posted anything on his GitHub about not supporting it any more.

3 years ago

This is an awesome article. I look forward to monthly updates!

3 years ago

Ahh I wish I had my button fix in before you made the demo for Curvy Walls haha. Those plus and minus buttons were buggy for a little while.

I really like this kind of article format, I will look forward to the March roundup!

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