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This module shows a ruler when you drag a token or measurement template to inform you how far you've dragged it from its start point. Additionally, if you're using a grid, the spaces the token will travel though will be colored depending on your tokens speed. By default, three colors are being used: green for spaces that your token can reach by walking normally are colored green, spaces that can only be reached by dashing will be colored red and spaces that cannot be reached with the token's speed will be colored red. If you're using a gridless map the ruler color will change to convey this information.

Drag Ruler being used on a square grids

Drag Ruler being used on a gridless scene

Drag Ruler while dragging a measurement template

Supports Tokens of all sizes

Terrain ruler has excellent support for tokens of all sizes. The Ruler will always originate from the token's center and will always highlight all the squares that tokens move over. If the Hex Token Size Support is installed this is also true for large tokens on hex scenes.

Drag Ruler being used with a large token on a square grid

Drag Ruler being used with a large token on a hex grid

Difficult Terrain support

To use support for difficult terrain you must install the Terrain Ruler module

With the Terrain Ruler module installed, Drag Ruler is able to take difficult terrain that was placed down using the Enhanced Terrain Layer or TerrainLayer module into account.

Drag Ruler being used to measure distances over difficult terrain on square grid

Drag Ruler being used to measure distances over difficult terrain on gridless scenes

Movement history (optional)

This feature can be disabled in the settings if you don't like it

During combat, Drag Ruler will remember the path a token has taken during it's turn. When the token is being picked up again, Drag Ruler will continue measuring where it has left off. The path of the previous movement will be dipslayed in a faded color.

Demonstration of the Movement History


To use pathfinding you must install the routinglib module

When routinglib is installed, Drag Ruler can automatically place waypoints to walk around walls and terrain to reach the destination with the shortest possible movement. Pathfinding can be activated using a configurable key. Alternatively, Drag Ruler can be configured to always use pathfinding when a token is being dragged.

Pathfinding is restricted to GM users by default, since the pathfinding algorithm can create ways that lead through unexplored fog of war. If you want to allow your players to use Drag Ruler's pathfinding functionality, you need to enable the associated setting in Drag Ruler's module settings.

Demonstration of pathfinding


Game systems with Drag Ruler integration

Drag Ruler works with all FoundryVTT game systems. However, some game systems provide an integration that allows Drag Ruler to understand the rules of the game system and as a result provide an extra smooth experience.

The game systems that offer Drag Ruler integration are:


For further information go to the Project URL.


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Aurel Tristen
2 years ago

There are a number of modules to help manage measuring, but this one has worked best for my players. Highly recommended.

2 months ago

Vielen Dank, Manuel.

I am currently working on a Foundry-based digital gaming table project and Drag Ruler has proven the most stable option for path measuring. It’s really helpful. 😉

One possible request for a future update… as I’m using a touchscreen for my in-person players to control their tokens, we cannot activate the “Right click action” during a token drag (as it’s a continuous touch event). If it’s easy enough to implement and you ever have spare time for it, I’d love an additional option under “Right click action” like “Choose a keyboard key to press to simulate a right click”.

It would be amazing to be access waypoints from the touchscreen, but even without that, Drag Ruler is a superb little module. Thanks again!

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