Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

This site was formed as a connection point regarding all things FoundryVTT, and to help those that use it connect with other users and resources to better their experiences. Sharing and collaboration go a long way in helping to get the best out of any program, and this community is an example of that. Our goal is to foster that sense of community and make Foundry Hub an inclusive, creative, and safe place to share ideas.

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A Living Document

This policy is not set in stone. As growth comes, so too will change. The entire community is welcome to give feedback on the policy. The Admin Team has the right to amend the policy using member feedback, and is committed to listening to the feedback it receives and give it due consideration. Members recognize that the Admin Team is the sole entity with the right to amend the policy, and is under no obligation to enact feedback it receives.

To that effect, we have created the following guidelines:

● Be courteous and respectful to the community. We are welcoming of everyone regardless of age, race, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
● Do not use derogatory language or engage in harassing behavior. We have no tolerance for slurs or targeted attacks against individuals or groups.
● This site is not an appropriate forum for discussion of political, religious, or ideological views.
● You are responsible for your own behavior here. Happy, sad, drunk, high, or otherwise, please be aware of how your conduct will affect others.
● Constructive debate is welcome, heated arguments are not. If a conversation turns into an argument, we ask all parties to disengage. If mediation is required, please contact staff instead of trying to arbitrate the situation yourself.
● We do not endorse or offer support for any software, modules, or sites which violate copyright or encourage piracy. Any discussion related to copyright infringement will be removed. Repeat offenses can result in permanent bans.
● Do not submit any work as your own if it is not. Credit those whose work you use, with permission, as best you can.
● The moderating team will handle violations of these rules. If you have a concern or dispute, please notify any of the Moderators using the report function on the relevant post.
● Moderators have final authority to enforce the rules of the site, please comply with moderator requests without dispute. If you have a concern relating to the actions of a moderator please contact the Lead Moderators team privately via Discord, or if that is insufficient, please notify the Admin via email.

The above guidelines should be followed as dictated by common sense. If it feels like you are violating a rule, without breaking the letter, then don’t do it.