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Token Health

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 17 Sep 2022

Author token-health

Apply damage/healing with a few keystrokes to all selected or targeted tokens at once.

Lordu's Custom Dice for Dice So Nice!

Created 30 Oct 2020

Updated 25 May 2023

Author LorduFreeman

This module can only be used in conjunction with Dice So Nice! (minimum version required: 4.0) and adds two custom …

Special Dice Roller

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 18 May 2024

Author Bernhard Posselt

Supports rolling dice in your chat window for various non regular dice systems: Legend of the 5 Rings 5th edition …

Scene Clicker

Created 23 Dec 2020

Updated 09 Jan 2022

Authors jegasus, Alessio Giuseppe Cali'

Scene Clicker A FoundryVTT module that changes the behavior of left clicking on a Scene or a Scene Link. When …

Created 16 Jul 2020

Updated 01 Apr 2024

Author thdm/DatDamnZotz - All the icons! Featuring: All SVG icons available (4000+) on with white, black and transparent backgrounds. Use …

Selective Show

Created 04 Sep 2020

Updated 03 Jan 2022

Author Moo Man

Adds the ability to selectively choose who to show journal entries to.

SoundBoard by Blitz

Created 07 Sep 2020

Updated 19 Dec 2022

Author Blitzkraig

Simple custom soundboard for the Gamemaster, broadcasted to all connected clients

Thumbnails for Journal Entries

Created 08 Nov 2020

Updated 08 Sep 2022

Author J-Guenther

A simple module that uses the image of a journal entry as a thumbnail for the Journal

TinyMCE toolbar config

Created 16 Sep 2020

Updated 05 Jul 2021

Author HappySteve

Adding Font family, color, background color, and font size options to TinyMCE toolbar.  

Metric System for D&D5e

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 24 Feb 2021

Author Melithian539

This module adds options to play DnD 5e on FoundryVTT using the metric system. Features Adds "meters" and "kilometers" as …

Translation: Català [Core]

Created 30 Nov 2020

Updated 09 Sep 2022

Author montver / Dr.Slump / Josep Torra

Adds Catalan language to the FoundryVTT options. Afegeix l'idioma Català a les opcions de FoundryVTT.   Updated to support core …

Custom CSS

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 24 Jul 2023

Authors zeel, Cody Swendrowski

    Allows a user to setup custom CSS rules in a world   What problem does this solve? When adding …