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Token Health

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 18 Jul 2021

Author schlosrat

Apply damage/healing with a few keystrokes to all selected or targeted tokens at once.
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Magic Items Vol.1 - Eldritch Horror

Created 26 Feb 2021

Updated 29 Oct 2021

Authors Agginmad, MrVauxs

A collection of ready-to-use beautifully illustrated Horror-themed Magic items from the Loot Tavern.

Forgotten Adventures Extensive DM Screen

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author fohswe

This is a DM Screen based on the Forgotten Adventures Extensive DM Screen - 5th edition. It includes a Table …

Pathfinder Ui v3

Created 25 Jun 2020

Updated 14 Nov 2021

Author Sasmira

Pathfinder-ui A dodgy fork of RPG Styled Ui by Xbozon for Pathfinder 2e.   Installation To install, follow these instructions: …

DnD5e Ui

Created 27 Jun 2020

Updated 08 Nov 2021

Author Sasmira

A module for FoundryVTT that overhauls the UI with a fantasy theme for DnD5 system


Created 26 Dec 2020

Updated 02 Jun 2021

Author Varriount

Auto-Rotate is a FoundryVTT module which allows tokens to automatically rotate based on triggers such as movement, targeting, etc. It …

FoundryVTT Arms Reach

Created 12 Apr 2021

Updated 27 Nov 2021

Authors Psyny, p4535992

FoundryVTT Arms Reach Little Utilities, Arms Reach for door, journal, stairways, token, ecc. This project is born like a upgrade …

DFreds Droppables

Created 14 Apr 2021

Updated 08 Oct 2021

Author DFreds

DFreds Droppables is a FoundryVTT module which allows you to drag and drop an entire folder of tokens or journal entries …

Better Roofs

Created 23 May 2021

Updated 21 Nov 2021

Author theripper93

A Foundry VTT module to improve roof behaviour ATTENTION: Wall off the edges of your map for the masking to …


Created 30 May 2021

Updated 08 Aug 2021

Authors theripper93, Vauryx

Patrol Automatic Patrol Routes for NPCs   Patrol Options: Enable Patrol: If enabled the token will patrol Spot Player Characters: …

Weather Blocker

Created 31 May 2021

Updated 24 Jul 2021

Author theripper93

Weather-Blocker Block weather effects through drawings   Just create a drawing(Only Polygons are supported), in the text field type "blockWeather" …


Created 05 Jun 2021

Updated 28 Nov 2021

Author theripper93

Levels Create maps with multiple vertical levels   How to use:   Tiles: You can set the elevation range of …