Gaming Table Player

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Forces a designated player's view to focus on a specific point in a scene, with a configurable zoom scale, using a configurable hotkey that the GM can use.

The GM can press the hotkey while their mouse pointer is over a spot in the scene that is active for the designated player. When this is done, the designated player's view will be panned and zoomed to where the GM's mouse is located.

The scale is set by setting two values: Table Width and Table Grid Width. Table Width is the physical width of the gaming table display screen. The Table Grid Width is the physical size desired for the on-screen grids. These two values are used to calculate the scale needed to achieve the desired grid dimensions.

The refresh duration that the designated player's view is updated when not triggered by the GM using the hotkey is configurable in the module settings. The default is 5 seconds (5000ms)

In addition to this behavior, there are also some optional behaviors that can be enabled via checkboxes in the Gaming Table Player settings configurations:

Select Tokens

When this option is enabled, the designated player will select all tokens on the board for which it has "owner" permission. This allows the gaming table to always show the combined vision for the player-characters. During combat, this behavior is changed to only show the vision for the player character which has the current turn. If it is the turn of a character not owned by the designated player, then the behavior goes back to showing the combined vision for all the player characters.

Hide UI Elements

When this option is enabled, the designated player's view will have the FoundryVTT UI elements hidden. This can be useful if the gaming table player's view is a shared screen that nobody is directly interacting with, therefore those UI elements are not useful and only get in the way.

Do Not Pan to Tokens

When this option is enabled, the core FoundryVTT functionality that pans the canvas when a new owned token is added, or when an owned token is moved off-screen, is disabled for the gaming table player.

Do Not Pan to Ping

When this option is enabled, the core FoundryVTT "Pan Canvas to Ping" functionality is disabled for the gaming table player.

Draw Table View

When this option is enabled, the gaming table's current view is shown as a blue rectangle on the GM's view. Any other scenes that have been focused will be shown as a red rectangle on the GM's view.

Focus on Select Token

When this option is enabled, if the GM has a token selected when they press the hotkey, then the gaming table player will focus on where that token was at that moment on the GM's view. This allows the GM to even use invisible tokens as a center for focus. The gaming table player's view does not shift automatically if the respective token is moved after the hotkey was pressed.

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