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Lichtgeschwindigkeit (Lightspeed)

Created 15 Jun 2021

Updated 24 Sep 2021

Author Manuel Vögele

Lichtgeschwindigkeit improves the speed and accuracy of Foundrys lighting calculation. On the maps used for benchmarking, Lichtgeschwindigkeit is around 2x-3x …

World Explorer

Created 05 Sep 2021

Updated 21 Sep 2021

Author Supe

    GM tool for hexcrawl campaigns that allows displaying a color layer or image over the background layer, while …

Token Health

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 18 Jul 2021


Apply damage/healing with a few keystrokes to all selected or targeted tokens at once.

Drag Upload (Get Over Here!)

Created 18 Jul 2020

Updated 10 Jun 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

Adds the ability to drag files onto the Foundry canvas to automatically create Tokens, Tiles, Journal Pins, and Ambient Audio …

Combat Ready!

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 18 Sep 2021

Author Teshynil

Shows a graphic + sound for players a round just before a player's turn (Next Up) and during their turn. …

Kobold Press OGL Compendium

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 07 Jul 2021

Author Deuce

This module adds Kobold Press OGL content sourced from the KPOGL wiki. Currently there are two compendiums, one with over …

Hex Crawl Assist

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 21 Nov 2020

Author Reaver01

Hides named cover tiles when player location marker token moves adjacent to them to help with Hex Crawls. Robust Hex …

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Created 03 Jul 2020

Updated 21 Aug 2021

Author DCC Foundry Volunteer Team

Foundry VTT support for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games.   Check out the virtual-tabletop channel on the …

Translation: 正體中文 [Core]

Created 30 Jan 2021

Updated 27 Aug 2021

Author HKTRPGSad

為 FVTT 0.8.9 及以下核心系统提供正體中文翻譯。 Discord :

Focus and Default Name

Created 23 Feb 2021

Updated 27 Aug 2021

Author Sad

Focus on name prompts and allow without enter name when create new Actor, item...etc.    

Game Time Clock

Created 20 Mar 2021

Updated 28 Jun 2021

Author Sad HKTRPG

It can count how much time did GM and Player spend on the Game. It will show on setting.   …

Library: Scene Packer

Created 30 Mar 2021

Updated 24 Sep 2021

Author Blair McMillan

A library to help content creators package up Scenes and Adventures to solve several frustrations when importing Scenes from a …