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Spheres for Pathfinder 1e

Created 01 May 2022

Updated 19 Jun 2022

Authors Ethaks, Xavion

This module for the Pathfinder 1e game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop provides additional functionality and support for the rule …

Token Health

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 16 Jan 2022

Author schlosrat

Apply damage/healing with a few keystrokes to all selected or targeted tokens at once.

World Anvil Integration

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 11 Jun 2022

Author Atropos

This module provides an integration with World Anvil for Foundry Virtual Tabletop, allowing you to import article content from World …


Created 11 Aug 2020

Updated 26 Feb 2021

Author Richard Bellingham

A module that implements the X-Card safety system by John Stavropoulos.

All Goblins Have Names

Created 22 Nov 2020

Updated 22 Mar 2022

Authors Tom Rodriguez, Cattegy

Use a table as the display name for a token, so each new token gets a random name. How to …

Monk's Scene Navigation

Created 06 Feb 2021

Updated 29 May 2022

Author IronMonk

Monk's Scene Navigation An update to the standard Scene Navigation interface   Instead of expanding across the page, the scenes …

Enhanced Terrain Layer

Created 28 Mar 2021

Updated 07 May 2022

Author IronMonk

Enhanced Terrain Layer Adds a Terrain Layer to Foundry that can be used by other modules to calculate difficult terrain. …

DF Architect

Created 10 Apr 2021

Updated 28 May 2022

Author flamewave000

Dragon Flagon Architect Welcome to the great big Architect’s Tool Suite. This module provides many many many new Quality of …

Dark RPG Styled UI

Created 23 May 2021

Updated 25 Jun 2022

Author Xbozon

A simple styling for FoundryVTT in black and red. Includes: Chat layout. Dialog Boxes Layout Character Sheet NPC Sheet Integration …

Monk's Enhanced Journal

Created 30 May 2021

Updated 26 Jun 2022

Author IronMonk

Monk's Enhanced Journal This is an enhanced version of the journal.  It allows for multiple types of journal entries, and …

Safety Tools

Created 03 Jun 2021

Updated 20 Jan 2022

Authors Max Cerrina, Daniel Solano Gómez

This module aims to provide Foundry with the full set of safety tools described in TTRPG Safety Toolkit. Features include: …

DF Active Lights

Created 12 Jul 2021

Updated 06 Apr 2022

Author flamewave000

DragonFlagon Active Lights This module provides a way to animate all the various configurations of a light. This animation will …