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Dungeon Crawl Classics

Created 03 Jul 2020

Updated 21 Aug 2021

Author DCC Foundry Volunteer Team

Foundry VTT support for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games.   Check out the virtual-tabletop channel on the …

Scum and Villainy

Created 24 Feb 2021

Updated 26 Sep 2021

Authors megastruktur, Andrew Garinger

A system for playing Scum and Villainy, written by Stras Acimovic and John LeBoeuf-Little, using the Forged in the Dark …

Stargate RPG

Created 03 Aug 2021

Updated 20 Sep 2021

Author Filip Sádovský

This is system for new Stargate RPG pen and paper game base on original sheet implementation in Roll20.  Currently it …

Pathfinder 1

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 12 Sep 2021

Authors Furyspark, Noon, Ethaks

An implementation of the first edition of Pathfinder for Foundry Virtual Tabletop ( The software component of this system is …

MoSh - Unofficial Mothership

Created 01 Dec 2020

Updated 10 Sep 2021

Author Futilrevenge

MoSh - Unofficial Mothership RPG An unofficial implementation of Tuesday Knight's Mothership role playing system. Mothership is the property of …


Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 21 Aug 2021

Author SolarBear

Support for the Cypher System, including Numenera (version 1 and 2) and The Strange role playing games for the Foundry …

CallofCthulhu(7thEd. Unofficial)

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 19 Nov 2020

Author ただいま

CallofCthulhu(7thEd.) System   This system is based Boilerplate System @ Asacolips.   And I built the scaffolding for the system using Yeoman.   …

Dungeon World

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 09 Jul 2021

Authors Asacolips, Vasid

Build campaigns in the Dungeon World RPG using Foundry VTT!  Features Character sheets for characters and monsters/npcs Rollable ability scores, …

Toolkit13 (13th Age Compatible)

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 19 Sep 2021

Authors Matt Smith, Cody Swendrowski

Description Create characters in this FoundryVTT character sheet that is compatible with the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. It has full …


Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 19 Dec 2020

Author Gerdofal

CyberpunkRED for FoundryVTT About this System This is an in-development system for CyberpunkRED. Obviously, since the core rulebook isn't out …


Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 25 Sep 2021

Authors Paul Watson, Bithir, Khaali

“Twilight falls. Davokar darkens.”  The goblin Fenya sounded calm, despite the flock of violings that swarmed eagerly around them – …

(0.6.6 Only) Blue Rose (AGE System)

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 14 Nov 2020

Author studio315b

Supports the AGE version of Blue Rose on Foundry Virtual Tabletop.   Until an agreement can be made with Green …