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Mausritter RPG for Foundry VTT

This is an unofficial version of the Mausritter RPG system, which is the property of Isaac Williams & Losing Games.

Mausritter can be purchased here:

- The official game Weapon, Item, and Spell Icons by Isaac Williams are licensed under CC-BY.
- The sample Rat portrait from the official book was allowed to be used with permission from Isaac Williams


Styled character sheets

Character, Creature, and NPC sheets were built to resemble the standard print sheets.

Draggable & Transferrable Item Cards

Inventory is handled through item cards, which can be moved around freely, moved between sheets, or copied with CTRL+Drag.

Cards are styled to resemble the official game cards, with automated rolls, usage dots, and more being included.

Item Compendiums

Every Item, Weapon, Condition, and Spell from the game has been included inside of the system's compendiums.

Storage Sheets with Adjustable Dimensions

Have a cart, chest, bank, etc that players want to store items in? Or maybe you have a treasure horde that you want to allow players to peruse through. You can create 'Storage' actors with adjustable slot counts.

Automated Skill Rolls

You can roll your stats using the built in advantage/disadvantage system

Macro Support for Weapons, Items, and Skills

For items, you can simply drag them into the hotbar, or use this script:


For Skills, create a new macro with this



Alt text

Mausritter ©2020 Isaac Williams & Losing Games

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James West
1 year ago

The basic damage rolls appear to be broken. The instructions say to drag and drop the item from your character sheet to the actions menu, but this doesn’t work. It also offers a work around to manually paste a script, using the item name, but this also seems to fails.
I tried using the item descriptive name (such as Axe) and I also tried using the item name listed in the owned item config, which is a unique alphanumeric string, which also fails, with the error that my controlled actor does not have an item named “unique string here”

I am getting ready to start a campaign in foundry, but I would like a way for my players to roll damage from the actions menu or character sheets. Is there something I am missing, or another workaround?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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