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Combat Carousel

Created 13 Oct 2020

Updated 07 Jul 2021

Author Evan Clarke

It's free to ride, but it might cost your life... About A Foundry VTT module to display CRPG-style Combatant cards …

SoundBoard by Blitz

Created 07 Sep 2020

Updated 04 Jun 2021

Author Blitzkraig

Simple custom soundboard for the Gamemaster, broadcasted to all connected clients   0.8.5 ready!

Grid Scaler

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 16 Jun 2021

Author UberV

This module adds an alternate way to setup grids by dragging out the grid sizes on the scene.

Simplefog - Manual Fog of War

Created 29 Jul 2020

Updated 03 Jun 2021

Authors Vance Cole, Chris Hampton

Simplefog allows you to draw fog of war manually, optionally automatically hiding and revealing tokens underneath based on opacity. It …

Break Time

Created 01 Jan 2021

Updated 24 Jul 2021

Authors IronMonk, ironmonk88

BreakTime A module to track when players have returned from a break. Usage Holding down the shift and home keys …

DF Quality of Life

Created 01 Mar 2021

Updated 16 Jul 2021

Author flamewave000

DragonFlagon Quality of Life Adds various Quality of Life improvements. These are all small, light-weight, adjustments that didn’t fit in …

SocketSettings by Blitz

Created 09 Mar 2021

Updated 04 Jun 2021

Author Blitzkraig

What is it? SocketSettings allows the GM to instantly update client-settings for their players. Modules, Systems and Core settings are …

Journal Code Editor

Created 06 May 2021

Updated 15 Jul 2021

Author arcanist

Journal Code Editor is a module for Foundry VTT that allows you to modify the source code of your Journal …

Playlist Enhancer

Created 21 Jun 2021

Updated 05 Jul 2021

Author Mallander

Playlist Enhancer - A Foundry VTT Module   Playlist Enhancer allows you to create playlists from the current playing sounds. …

Default Context Menu

Created 30 Jul 2021

Updated 03 Aug 2021

Author arcanist

Have you ever wished you could just right click in Foundry and inspect a specific element? Or that you could …

Ping Logger

Created 02 Aug 2021

Updated 04 Aug 2021

Authors hypnoCode, tenuki

A very tiny module that displays players' latency next to their name. Very small Very simple Very useful    

(0.6.6 only) Quick Scene View

Created 20 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author wonko

View a scene directly from the sidebar scenes directory context menu without activating it or adding it to the navigation …