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Created 26 Dec 2020

Updated 02 Jun 2021

Author Varriount

Auto-Rotate is a FoundryVTT module which allows tokens to automatically rotate based on triggers such as movement, targeting, etc. It …

FoundryVTT Arms Reach

Created 12 Apr 2021

Updated 27 Nov 2021

Authors Psyny, p4535992

FoundryVTT Arms Reach Little Utilities, Arms Reach for door, journal, stairways, token, ecc. This project is born like a upgrade …

DFreds Droppables

Created 14 Apr 2021

Updated 08 Oct 2021

Author DFreds

DFreds Droppables is a FoundryVTT module which allows you to drag and drop an entire folder of tokens or journal entries …

Spell Level Buttons for DnD 5e

Created 15 Jul 2021

Updated 25 Aug 2021

Authors Sua Mãe, Aquela Católica

This modules replaces the spell level select dropdown menu with buttons.

Colored Folder Contents

Created 15 Jul 2021

Updated 25 Aug 2021

Authors Sua Mãe, Aquela Católica

A simple module to apply folders' background colors to their contents.

Hero Creation Tool for DnD5E

Created 28 Jul 2021

Updated 26 Nov 2021

Authors Alex, Dan, Andrew, Coco, Roy, Lyle, ccjmk

A step-by-step tool for creating player characters with race, class, etc. The tool allows selecting the foundry items that represent …


Created 30 Jul 2021

Updated 18 Nov 2021

Author theripper93

CHANGELOGS Show changelogs of modules in a non intrusive way. Why? Module developers have no way of issuing changelogs or …

Library: DF Module Buttons

Created 07 Nov 2021

Updated 10 Nov 2021

Author flamewave000

DragonFlagon Module Buttons Library Library for Foundry VTT module developers to use. It allows modules to register control buttons that …

Dungeon Draw

Created 09 Nov 2021

Updated 28 Nov 2021

Author mcglintlock

A dungeon-drawing module for Foundry VTT. Now you can draw your dungeon on the fly, without ever leaving  Foundry. Or, …

(0.6.6 only) Quick Scene View

Created 20 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author wonko

View a scene directly from the sidebar scenes directory context menu without activating it or adding it to the navigation …

Show Artwork

Created 24 Aug 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Will Saunders

A QoL module that adds a button to character and item window header to broadcast artwork to other players without …

Keikaku - To-Do List

Created 29 Dec 2020

Updated 06 Aug 2021

Author Kevin Perry

Keikaku is an exceedingly simple to-do list manager for Foundry VTT. Each user may manage and organize their very own …