Bar Brawl

Latest version1.2.3
Minimum Core0.8.3
Compatible Core0.8.6
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Bar Brawl allows an arbitrary amount of customizable resource bars for tokens.

Bar Brawl

The module replaces the menu found in Token Configuration > Resources. Here, you can add a new bar by clicking Add resource.

For each bar, there are several options:

  • The Attribute controls the source of the displayed values. None will remove the bar, Custom allows setting your own numbers and every other entry represents an attribute of the actor.
  • To show bars to other players (or hide them completely), change the Visibility setting.
  • The current and maximum Value fields show the used numbers and can be changed for custom bars.
  • Minimum and maximum Color values are interpolated between the two (depending on how full the bar is). The maximum color is also used for the border of the token's HUD inputs.
  • The Position can be used to align bars at the top or bottom of the token (facing inwards or outwards).
  • The upper and lower Limits may be disabled to allow setting values below 0 or above the maximum.
  • You can also Invert values so that higher values will be displayed as a lower percentage.

Each user can globally set how bars are displayed. These options can be found within Foundry's Configure Settings menu in the Modules category.

  • The Bar style determines how the bar itself looks.
  • In order to display a fraction (5 / 10) or a percentage (50%) on the bar, use the Bar label setting. This can be overriden for each bar by the GM.


For information on how to use these features as a system developer, see the development section of the project description.

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