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Easy Exports

Created 09 Sep 2020

Updated 19 Apr 2021

Author Spetzel

NEW in 0.5!  Full Backup option (and works with re-Import). Easy Exports speeds up exports of your world(s).  Instead of …

Quick Encounters

Created 17 Sep 2020

Updated 17 Nov 2021

Author Spetzel

Keep your Scene clean and your encounters simple!  New in 0.9: Requires Foundry 0.8.x New settings: leave "captured" tokens on …

Spetzel's Spell Better

Created 07 Jan 2021

Updated 30 Jan 2021

Authors Spetzel, Andrew Krigline

Spetzel's Spell Better NEW in 0.8: New Filter category, important bug fixes See [Release Notes](, especially regarding possible breaking change. …

Compendium Browser

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 12 Sep 2021

Authors Spetzel, ZoltanDM, Felix

Compendium Browser Tired of scrolling compendia? Easily brows and filter for spells, feats, items, and NPCs using Compendium Browser.   …

Compendium Browser T20

Created 06 Apr 2021

Updated 06 Apr 2021

Authors MClemente, Spetzel

Navegue e filtre magias, poderes, itens e Personagens de Mestre em compêndios.   This is a fork of Compendium Browser …