Spetzel's Spell Better

Latest version0.8.3
Minimum Core0.7.6
Compatible Core0.7.9
Last updated3 years ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems Dnd5e
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Spetzel's Spell Better

NEW in 0.8: New Filter category, important bug fixes

See [Release Notes](, especially regarding possible breaking change.


The ultimate detachable spellbook for Wizards and other prepared-spell full casters (Druids and Clerics); half- and third-casters mostly supported

  • Switch your character sheet to the Spell Better sheet for a full 5e sheet with Spell Better spellbook
  • OR detach the Spell Better Spellbook by clicking the Spellbook tab from any supported character sheet
  • Hover over the spell name for pop-up Attack and Damage
  • See a one-line spell-slot summary as well as how many spells you can and have prepared
  • Filter your spell list by level, school, usage, duration, prepared, concentration, and ritual
  • Create custom Views like Utility, AoE Nukes, Traveling, or Dungeoneering
  • Create separate Spellbooks like Wanted, Found Scroll, Green Spellbook(deciphered)
  • Easily print your Spellbook with custom views and sub-spellbooks, for quick reference at the screen or at the table



  • Authors: Discord: Spetzel#0103, [Calego#0914](
  • Version**: 0.8.2
  • Foundry VTT Compatibility**: 0.7.2-0.7.9
  • System Compatibility (If applicable)**: dnd5e
  • Translation Support**: en


Spell Better is a forked version of, itself "heavily inspired by the Official 5e Character Sheet and the Roll20 default 5e Sheet. This sheet is chaotic and packed with information all on one screen, but it does have the advantage of having some muscle memory if you're coming from either pen and paper or Roll20."

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