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Custom CSS

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 09 Sep 2022

Authors zeel, Cody Swendrowski

    Allows a user to setup custom CSS rules in a world   What problem does this solve? When adding …

The Town of Ferncombe

Created 02 Jun 2023

Updated 02 Jun 2023

Authors Roman Trevisanut, Shane Martland, Viviane Charlier, Drew Smith, Cody Swendrowski

The humble town of Ferncombe is a quaint farming and fishing community, a pastoral and serene home away from home. …

Unfulfilled Rolls

Created 31 May 2023

Updated 31 May 2023

Author Cody Swendrowski

Allows individual rolls to be fulfilled by other sources

Black Flag (Playtest 1)

Created 10 Mar 2023

Updated 10 Mar 2023

Author Cody Swendrowski

Welcome to the Labyrinth, a fantastical universe of infinite worlds linked by twisting corridors of magic. Project Black Flag is …


Created 15 Jan 2023

Updated 29 Jan 2023

Author Cody Swendrowski

A retro fantasy RPG-inspired Party HUD with Enemy health bars   Explicit System Support This should generally work on all …

🎣 Obligatory Fishing Minigame

Created 14 Sep 2022

Updated 29 Jan 2023

Author Cody Swendrowski

🎣 Obligatory Fishing Minigame Every game has one. Setup fishing spots, reel in fish with an interactive minigame, and get …

Combat Tracker Theme Pack

Created 30 Jul 2022

Updated 01 Aug 2022

Authors Roman, Cody Swendrowski

Accent your Foundry combats with the dulcet tones of Roman and Cody Themes 8 Bit A Jojo reference!? Techno F.I.S.H. …

Module Sets - Dual Track GMing, baby

Created 13 Jul 2021

Updated 14 Jul 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

Allows a GM to maintain different lists of Active Modules depending on if they are Setting Up or in Live …

Vox Ludorum - Text-to-speech-to-text for FVTT

Created 26 Apr 2021

Updated 26 May 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

Vox Ludorum - the Voice of Games Vox Ludorum is a speech-to-text-to-speech module for FoundryVTT powered by Azure Speech Check …

💤 Away From Keyboard

Created 10 Feb 2021

Updated 11 Feb 2022

Author Cody Swendrowski

Shows an AFK indicator when /afk or brb is invoked     💤Away From Keyboard is one of the many …
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ViNo - VIsual NOvel for FoundryVTT

Created 26 Jan 2021

Updated 12 Jan 2022

Author Cody Swendrowski

  An opinionated approach to the visual novel TTRPG experience.   ViNo is a spiritual successor to Theatre Inserts, favoring …

Chat Commander

Created 15 Jan 2021

Updated 09 Apr 2023

Authors Cody Swendrowski, The League of Extraordinary FVTT Developers, Adrian Haberecht

This module provides sophisticated autocompletion capabilities for commands and their parameters. It is meant to be used by other modules …