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1001 Fish

Created 20 Jul 2020

Updated 01 Apr 2021

Authors burkenhare, Cody Swendrowski

A rollable table of 1000 fish, created by burkenhare#4761 (Discord) "Typical use: PC wants to roll for a survival check, …

Module Sets - Dual Track GMing, baby

Created 13 Jul 2021

Updated 14 Jul 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

Allows a GM to maintain different lists of Active Modules depending on if they are Setting Up or in Live …

Vox Ludorum - Text-to-speech-to-text for FVTT

Created 26 Apr 2021

Updated 26 May 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

Vox Ludorum - the Voice of Games Vox Ludorum is a speech-to-text-to-speech module for FoundryVTT powered by Azure Speech Check …

💤 Away From Keyboard

Created 10 Feb 2021

Updated 11 Feb 2022

Author Cody Swendrowski

Shows an AFK indicator when /afk or brb is invoked     💤Away From Keyboard is one of the many …
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ViNo - VIsual NOvel for FoundryVTT

Created 26 Jan 2021

Updated 12 Jan 2022

Author Cody Swendrowski

  An opinionated approach to the visual novel TTRPG experience.   ViNo is a spiritual successor to Theatre Inserts, favoring …

Library: Chat Commands

Created 15 Jan 2021

Updated 21 Feb 2022

Authors Cody Swendrowski, The League of Extraordinary FVTT Developers

LIBRARY: This module is just a dependency for other modules and provides little functionality on its own.   Allows for …

Streaming Mode

Created 29 Aug 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Cody Swendrowski

A set of quality of life features for a user configured as the viewport for a Stream   Features Autocenter …

Toolkit13 (13th Age Compatible)

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 18 May 2022

Authors Matt Smith, Cody Swendrowski, Federico Pederzolli

Description Create characters in this FoundryVTT character sheet that is compatible with the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. It has full …

Drag Upload (Get Over Here!)

Created 18 Jul 2020

Updated 19 Jan 2022

Author Cody Swendrowski

Adds the ability to drag files onto the Foundry canvas to automatically create Tokens, Tiles, Journal Pins, and Ambient Audio …

Tabbed Chatlog

Created 11 Jul 2020

Updated 30 Dec 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

Splits the Chatlog into In Character (per scene), Rolls (per scene), and Out of Character (global).  


Created 09 Jul 2020

Updated 21 Oct 2020

Author Cody Swendrowski

A Foundry wrapper of the Public Domain Zork 1 ( Powered by the Andy Hattemer's API: This was done …

Mageflame Expanded

Created 07 Jul 2020

Updated 15 Nov 2020

Author Cody Swendrowski

A small set of additional features for Active Features A new sheet that reorganizes how Powers are shown