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Created 08 Jun 2021

Updated 05 Feb 2024

Author Kandashi

Condenses the actor/item/scene ui elements in the sidebar. Customizable sizes in the module settings

SWADE Wounds Calculator

Created 13 Sep 2022

Updated 22 Nov 2022

Authors Kristian Serrano, Kandashi

SWADE Wounds Calulator is a module for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition that calculates Wounds based on damage and AP. It …

Hidden Soundtracks

Created 06 Dec 2021

Updated 06 Dec 2021

Author Kandashi

Hides the soundtrack name and the playlist controlls from non GM accounts (as they cant use it anyway)

Spellbook Assistant and Manager

Created 10 Nov 2021

Updated 03 Jun 2022

Author Kandashi

SAM Class Item SAM is designed to make managing separate spellcasting classes easier. You must configure spells to add for …

Rarity Colors

Created 09 Nov 2021

Updated 30 Apr 2024

Authors Kandashi, p4535992

Rarity Colors If you want to buy me a coffee Give your Inventory and Sidebar a splash of color. Re-colors …

Sidebar Context

Created 04 Nov 2021

Updated 04 Mar 2023

Authors Kandashi, p4535992

Sidebar Context If you want to buy me a coffee Adds a few right click options for various documents: Roll …

Map Coordinates

Created 03 Oct 2021

Updated 24 Nov 2021

Author Kandashi

# Map Coordinates Add coordinates to any square or hex map. Use the Measurement Controls menu with the Map icon …

Dnd5e Helpers Cover Expansion

Created 01 Sep 2021

Updated 18 May 2022

Author Kandashi

Auto sets token cover value based on their actors size for DnD5e Helpers. Changes cover level based on death/unconsciousness as …

Navigation Name

Created 26 Aug 2021

Updated 15 May 2022

Author Kandashi

Always displays original scene name to the GM, but shows the Navigation Name for any players.     (player on …

Randomizer NPC

Created 22 Aug 2021

Updated 06 Apr 2022

Author Kandashi

This allows for your unlinked tokens to be that little extra bit different. Randomize available weapons, spells, hp and ability …

Midi SRD

Created 09 Aug 2021

Updated 06 Jun 2023

Authors Kandashi, thatlonelybugbear

Midi SRD was created by Kandashi to help users, providing Items ready to use with MidiQOL automation module.Using functions provided …

Faster Audio Preload

Created 05 Aug 2021

Updated 06 Aug 2021

Author Kandashi

This module simply starts the preload of the next track in a playlist half way through the current track, rather than 20s before it ends It can also specify a playlist to auto-preload when a client logs in.