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Latest version2.9.1
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Created3 years ago
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This module adds an autocompletion and hint UI for sheet fields that can accept inline properties or other entity data references, for instance a damage field referencing an ability modifier (e.g. @abilities.dex.mod), or an ActiveEffect key (e.g. data.bonuses.mwak.attack).

A video showing usage of Autocomplete Inline Properties to add an inline property to a damage formula field

A video showing usage of Autocomplete Inline Properties to add an active effect change key


There are two ways to invoke the AIP interface: By pressing the @ key in a field for which AIP is enabled, or by clicking on the floating @ button in the UI.

Both actions will open the AIP interface, which consists of a text box with the data path entered so far and a list of data keys at the current data path. As you type, matching keys will be underlined, and the first key matching the currently entered path will be faintly highlighted, indicating it is currently selected. You can adjust the selected key by using the up and down arrow keys.

Pressing Tab will insert the currently selected key into the path text box, and you can continue from there.

Pressing Enter, or clicking on the insert button to the right of the path text box will send the currently selected key to the underlying field in the sheet.

Module and system authors can enable or disable the option to press the @ hotkey, or the floating @ button on a per-field basis.


This module currently offers built in support for the following systems:

  • dnd5e
  • pf1
  • sw5e
  • ds4

Pull requests to support additional systems are more than welcome!

Systems and modules can also add support for their sheets on their own side by inject corresponding configuration into the AIP configuration. See for a guide on how to add support for your system or module.

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