Package Jam 2022

Update: end of jam delayed

We intended to have the Package Jam end just after the release of v10 stable. As that was delayed by the core team, we will be postponing the end date of the Package Jam for another month until Monday 19 September 2022. That leaves you plenty of extra time to create some new exciting submissions, polish up your existing ones, or finish up an old project that you haven’t touched in a while and never released!

The League of Extraordinary Foundry Virtual Tabletop Developers is proud to announce its third-anniversary package jam!

A Package Jam is an event where anyone can participate by creating a new module or system (called “packages”) for Foundry VTT. It is a great way to start Foundry development or try something new and different from your existing packages. At the end of the event, the players can vote for their favorite packages, and the winners even get a small prize.

Anyone interested in publishing a new Foundry VTT package is encouraged to participate. The primary goal of the package jam is to provide a fun and engaging environment for new developers to explore FVTT package development.

If you aren’t already there, please consider joining the League’s Discord server. There’s no other place like it if you’re interested in FVTT package development!

Submitting a package

There are a few condition in order for your package to be eligible:

  • It must be submitted between now and midnight on August 22nd (EST).
  • It needs to be approved by Foundry staff for the official package listing.
  • An open source license is required.
  • It must be compatible with FVTT v10.
  • You must include the following field in your manifest file:
"flags": {
    "fvttdevleague": {
        "package-jam": 2022
}Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Winning a category entitles you to one of our TBA prizes, including gift cards to The Forge!


  • Best Package
  • First Package
  • Useful
  • Polished
  • Mind-blowing
  • Wacky
  • Gorgeous
  • Massive
  • Educational
  • Integratable

Voting on Foundry Hub

This year we have a two-phase voting system.

First, a panel of volunteer judges will each nominate entries for consideration in each category. The top entries in each category will form the shortlist for that category!

Afterward, we’ll open the voting to anyone with a free Foundry Hub account. Each Foundry Hub member votes for up to three of the nominees in each category. The one with the most votes is the winner! Don’t forget the best overall package, which every package will be eligible for! If it’s your first time submitting a FVTT package, your package will automatically be nominated for the “first package” category.

Become a judge

If you aren’t able to participate by submitting a package, we will make a public call for volunteer judges in August, so make sure to join our Discord server and get the @league-announcements role to be notified for that. People entering into the Package jam are not eligible. Anyone who doesn’t complete their package in time for the jam may submit their interest as a judge instead.

Fine print: Official start time July 22, 2022 12:00 PM. Official end time August 22, 2022 12:00 PM. All submissions must be compatible with Foundry VTT V10, packages that the judges are unable to get running or test will be disqualified from nomination. Judge votes have equal weight. A developer can have a maximum of 2 packages nominated per category. If a category doesn’t get more than three nominees, that category will be removed. For the public voting phase, Foundry Hub user votes have equal weight and are not ranked. A user can cast a maximum of 3 votes. The package with the most votes wins. In the event of a tie for most votes, tied entries share the victory. The prize recipient will be decided according to a 1vs1 Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Level 14 deathmatch adjudicated by an impartial dungeonmaster. No fudged rolls, all DM decisions final.

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