Website Update – July 2022

Hello everyone,

It was long overdue, but I’ve removed some dead sections from the website, namely the video section and the forum.

I’m not crossing the idea of these features forever, but until I find a sustainable solution, it’s better for the website’s health to remove them. It allows us to focus our efforts on the most active pages (package discovery and blog-like content) while having the time to host some cool community efforts like the League’s Package Jam.

The video section was not automated and was too cumbersome for the video makers to use. If I can find a way to get newly posted meaningful videos about Foundry automatically, I’ll add them back.

The forum never found its user critical mass. Between the Discord preferred by power users and the Reddit community well established for newcomers, there were just not enough people interested for the moment.

A huge thanks to anyone involved in the creation of these categories.

Please note the data is not lost. If you need to backup stuff from the forum, please send me a DM over Discord, and I’ll send you a copy of the data you need.

Foundry Hub will always be moving and changing to adapt to the Foundry VTT ecosystem. Our goal will always be to provide the missing pieces in our community, not to compete with the better alternatives.


  • Removed the Forum and Video categories
  • Fixed the Search page layout and the integration
  • Updated the main page layout to focus on the most recent news and the latest modules


  • JDW

    Working in the video game industry for 10 years. In my free time, I like to create shiny things for Foundry VTT, like the Dice So Nice module or this website. WFRP enthusiast.

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