Vote in the Third Annual Foundry Package Jam

The League of Extraordinary Foundry VTT Developers strives to provide a fun and engaging environment for new developers to explore Foundry VTT package development. That’s why every year we host the Foundry Package Jam, a prize-filled competition for new and experienced software devs alike!

This year, participants entered 22 brand new packages, all compatible with FVTT V10 and enabling many new options for your campaign, and now we need your help choosing the winners!

Vote for the winners

Please visit this page and sign in with your Foundry Hub account (if you don’t have one, please sign up for one) to make your picks.

Voting ends on November 7th at 3pm US Eastern time (20:00UTC)!

You may vote for up to three nominees in each category, in up to ten different categories:

  • Best Package
  • Best Package from a First-time Author
  • Most Useful – Many GMs or players will find their Foundry game improved from enabling this package.
  • Most Polished – The package author made every effort to ensure full functionality and considered every use case and detail.
  • Most Mind-Blowing – This package exceeds expectations of what’s possible inside Foundry.
  • Wackiest – This package will make GMs and players laugh, mostly out of absurdity, or is just weird, but in a good way.
  • Most Gorgeous – The package author utilized the game canvas, webpage styling, or design principles to provide an elevated experience for their users.
  • Most Massive – The effort that went into the package was evident in the number of features, amount of content, or a wide set of configuration possiblities that enables users to try it a multitude of ways.
  • Most Educational – The package author used this opportunity to bring real world knowledge/data into their submission for the benefit of their users, or it allows educational opportunities between GM and players.
  • Most Integratabtle – The package allows the most flexibility and interoperability for other packages to leverage an API or configuration options provided specifically for other FVTT package developers.

We thank all of our sponsors for this year’s prizes.

  • Foundry Gaming – a Foundry VTT merch t-shirt for every winner
  • The Rollsmith – a $50 gift card (The Rollsmith) for the winner in the Most Mind-blowing category, and a commemorative D20 (for Dice So Nice!) for every participant
  • The Forge – $20 gift cards (The Forge) for every winner
  • Wild Magic Surge – three asset packs for every winner
  • World Smiths and CZRPG – The Singing Grove, an adventure module, for the winner in the Most Integratable category
  • ghost – Michael Ghelfi audio modules for the the winners in the Most Useful, Most Polished and Most Massive categories
  • friendlylambda – a $100 gift card (Amazon, The Forge, or another service/site of choice) for the winner in the Best Package category
  • BadIdeasBureau – a 1 month subscription to for the winner in the Wackiest category
  • ccjmk – a $25 gift card (DriveThruRPG) for the winner in the Most Gorgeous category
  • errational – a $25 gift card (Rollsmith, The Forge, DriveThruRPG, or Amazon (winner’s choice)) for the winner in the Best Package from a First-time Author category
  • corporat – a $25 gift card for the winner in the Most Educational category
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