The winners of the Package Jam 2022 are in!

The Package Jam is officially over!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Package Jam!

If you’ve missed our winner announcements stream, you can catch the VOD at any time here:

And for those who just want to see the results, here they are :

Best Package

Module Compatibility Checker by @arcanist – Receiving a 100$ gift card from @friendlylambda


Module Compatibility Checker

Created 26 Jul 2022

Updated 09 Feb 2023

Authors Arcanist, Michael Leahy

Module Compatibility Checker Check your module list for compatibility with the latest major version of Foundry VTT. Come hang out …

Best First Package

Foundry Command Palette by Filip Ambrosius (@aMediocreDad) – Receiving a 25$ gift card from @errational


Foundry Command Palette

Created 14 Aug 2022

Updated 27 Aug 2022

Author Filip Ambrosius

A programmable command palette for the Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Installation You can find Foundry Command Palette in the Foundry VTT …

Most Useful

Items with Spells DnD5e by Andrew Krigline (@calego) – Receiving 3 Michael Ghelfi audio modules from @ghost


Items with Spells DnD5e

Created 18 Sep 2022

Updated 23 Feb 2024

Authors Andrew Krigline, Zhell

This module aims to allow users to attach spells to items in such a way that when the parent item …

Most Polished

Build-A-Bonus by @Zhell – Receiving 3 Michael Ghelfi audio modules from @ghost



Created 26 Aug 2022

Updated 13 Feb 2024

Author Zhell

Build-a-Bonus 2022 Package Jam winner of the 'Most Polished' category and runner-up for 'Best Package' A module for the Foundry …


Arbron’s Summoning by @Jeff “Arbron” Hitchcock – Receiving a 50$ Rollsmith gift card from The Rollsmith


Arbron’s Summoning (5e)

Created 25 Aug 2022

Updated 20 Feb 2024

Author Jeff ‘Arbron’ Hitchcock

This module is designed to make it easy as pie to summon creatures within DnD5e using a simple interface that …


Die Hard by Jeremy (@glutious) – Receiving a 1-month sub to from @BadIdeasBureau


Die Hard

Created 08 Aug 2022

Updated 04 Jun 2023

Author Jeremy

Die Hard is a module intended to provide functionality that modifies/adjusted die rolls in certain systems (currently DND5e and PF2e).  …

Most Gorgeous

Button Feel by @LeBombJames – Receiving a 25$ gift card from @ccjmk


Button Feel

Created 30 Aug 2022

Updated 07 Jan 2023

Author LebombJames

Button Feel Because buttons should feel good. This tiny module adds a slight tint to buttons when you click them, …

Most Massive

Alpha Suit by @Averrin – Receiving 3 Michael Ghelfi audio modules from @ghost


Alpha Suit

Created 27 Aug 2022

Updated 11 Jun 2023

Author Averrin

Alpha Suit This module is useful if you want to organize large trees of actors and items or for dealing …

Most educational

Audio Metadata Reader by @ghost – Receiving a 25$ gift card by @corporat


Audio Metadata Reader

Created 29 Aug 2022

Updated 29 Aug 2022

Author Johannes Loher

Allows setting the title of Playlist Sounds based on the audio metadata of the underlying files. This module adds new …

Most Integratable

Multiple Document Selection by @ironmonk – Receiving The Singing Grove adventure by World Smiths & CZRPG


Multiple Document Selection

Created 05 Aug 2022

Updated 01 Jan 2024

Author IronMonk

Multiple Document Selection Foundry VTT module to allow you to select multiple items on a sidebar. So you can move, …
3D dice picture

Every winner also receives a 20$ Forge gift card from The Forge, a T-shirt from Foundry Gaming, and 3 asset packs from Wild Magic Surge.

Every contestant will also receive a special 3D dice by The Rollsmith.

Thank you to all the sponsors for making this such a success, and thank you again to all who participated, voted, or helped along the way!

Congratulations to all the winners, and see you at the next Package Jam! 🎉


  • JDW

    Working in the video game industry for 10 years. In my free time, I like to create shiny things for Foundry VTT, like the Dice So Nice module or this website. WFRP enthusiast.

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