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As you may or may not have been noticed, there has been a drought of new articles recently here on Foundry Hub. This site is run by a handful of volunteers who put their time and effort into it to give back to the community, but we are just a few people, and we all do have other responsibilities in life that have priority. So we are hoping to improve that and work slowly towards a sustainable but regular stream of content.

I personally would like to thank everyone on the team and everyone who contributed content to Foundry Hub over the last few months. You are awesome, and your help, effort, time, and creativity are appreciated!

So to do so, we have decided that we need help or, better said, people who want to volunteer and join us to help work towards the mentioned goal. So we took some time and reflected on coming up with better-defined roles so people can apply for the positions they are interested in and/or have the time for.

However, if you wish to participate in Foundry Hub in a way we do not mention here, please apply nonetheless, this list is not exhaustive. We are interested in any form of help, from community animation to tech/design skills.

Chief Editor

This is an admin position that handles management tasks and relations inside and outside of the team. You are the person to talk about existing and potentially new content on Foundry Hub and questions about the editorial procedures. In addition, our official partners (Foundry Gaming, /r/FoundryVTT subreddit, Content Creators) will be in contact with you regarding anything related to content. And you will have a direct say on what gets published and when.

Your tasks:

  • Scheduling of published content.
  • Work and communicate with Foundry Hub Partners.
  • Accept and reject contributions and articles.
  • Organize Team Meetings

Availability: You should be around on Discord regularly to answer questions/requests and, apart from that, be able to dedicate a few hours each week.


As an editor, you will work on drafts from community contributors and Foundry Hub Writers to help and tune the drafts into a ready-to-publish state. This will include making sure articles are of good quality and make sense for the reader. The articles have a pleasing layout and will look good on the page. They include all relevant metadata like tags, related modules, etc.

Experience with WordPress can be helpful but is not necessary.

Your tasks:

  • Work directly with the authors of articles to ensure changes to the article are approved.
  • Edit drafts to help the readability, understanding and fitting of the text by adding and/or removing parts.
  • Manage media files (images, videos, etc) to make sure the text is not missing crucial ones or the text is overloaded with them.
  • Make sure the drafts will look good on the page by editing the layout and structure of the drafts.

Availability: You should be able to dedicate a few hours each month to work on articles.

Assistant Editor

Each content that is published on Foundry Hub should ideally have been going through multiple sets. As an assistant editor, you will be in the quality control department, proofread articles to sanity check against typos and grammar issues, and check if links and media are working correctly. You also give the okay if the article was understandable to you as a reader or if some parts need more clarity.

Being well versed or a native speaker of the English language is desired here.

Your tasks:

  • Proof read content.
  • Spot and correct spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Double check media files and links to be working correctly.
  • Give feedback if the content is understandable or needs more clarity.

Availability: You should be able to read through some content each month. This position needs the least time investment, but it needs to be done sometimes on short notice.


We at Foundry Hub have the goal to produce content of our own instead of relying solely upon contributions from the community. Such content includes recurring articles like Module Roundup and Community Spotlight, non-technical summaries about new Foundry VTT releases, and covering relevant news.

As a writer, you don’t have to do all of those mentioned, but you can decide what interests and motivates you. You are also welcome to present new ideas or series of articles you would like to write about.

Your tasks:

  • Write content for Foundry Hub (you decide what you want to focus on):
    • Cover relevant news about Foundry VTT and its community.
    • Recurring articles you are interested in and can commit to.
    • Guides and highlights about modules, systems or anything that might be interesting.
    • Other ideas.
  • Opportunity to come up for new content ideas.

Availability: Depending on what you want to write about, the availability might differ. But in any case, you should be able to commit to a certain amount of content you feel comfortable with each month.

Join us now

If one or more of these positions interest you, please fill the form and send us your application. We’ll be contacting you shortly.


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