Website Update – August 2021

Hello everyone, JDW here to give you some news on the Foundry Hub website.

This month have seen several layout updates, and we added four new pages. So let’s dive in right away:

The header has been made thinner to give more room for quick access links.

  • From there, you can now directly access a number of popular filters for videos, packages and creators.
  • The “Forum” menu has been renamed “Community” and made into an extended menu that gives access to new pages
    • The full member list, where you can search for someone and contact them or add them as a friend for quick access
    • The activity stream where you can see what is happening in real time on the website

The footer has been entirely remade and now gives access to important pages that we could not highlight previously.

  • Our Open Collective page. Open Collective is a platform that helps non-profit organizations to get donations and share their costs in full transparency. After one year of operation, we decided that it was the best course of action to keep our autonomy while being able to accept the financial help from the community. I’ll explain this initiative in another longer post sometime later in the following weeks.
  • A new F.A.Q. This one was long overdue, but here it is! If you still have unaswered question, do not hesitate to comment here of contact me directly.
  • The “Links and Resources” page that was previously in the header has been moved there.
  • The “Team” page! Check out all those awesome folks helping me run this site everyday
  • Our recruitement form to join us (see our latest article)
  • The Foundry Hub Technical Guide, dedicated to developers and artists releasing packages for Foundry VTT.

That’s all for today, see you next time!


  • JDW

    Working in the video game industry for 10 years. In my free time, I like to create shiny things for Foundry VTT, like the Dice So Nice module or this website. WFRP enthusiast.

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2 years ago

Lookin good!

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