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NPC Generator for DnD5e

Latest version1.24.2
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core10.29
Last updated2 months ago
Created1 year ago
Systems Dnd5e
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NPC Generator for DnD5e

This module generates NPCs taking the given CR as reference, using a complex mathematical algorithm.

Select the name generatorjobrace and CR and it will build an appropriate balanced NPC for the given CR, up to CR 20. Everything already sorted out and ready for use. You can re-build as much as you like using different seeds and it will build different similar NPCs.


It saves your time and your time is valuable. Design campaigns faster and improvise on the fly.
Stop worrying about sheets, names, and surprise your players!


An application module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop, containing:

  • 25 Name Generators
  • 17 Races
  • 19 Jobs
  • Biography generator (new)
  • Physical appearance generator (new)

Portraits (Optional)

To configure portrait generation you need to create a folder like the one found in npc-generator-dnd5e/imgs/portraits. From there, enter the module configuration and select the folder in the Portrait Directory setting.

All images inserted into the directory with the correct format will be available as a portrait to be randomly generated.

Image Name Format

All images in the directory should have their names formatted as the examples in the imgs/portraits folder, the module uses their names as tags for matching pictures, following the rules:

-   All names should be in lower-case;
-   An underline (_) act as a separator for different tags, you can have as many tags as you want for any picture and might use spaces as well;
-   The tags from the entire folder becomes individual filters as well, so adding a new tag to any image also adds a new filter;
-   Jobs and races are automatically matched using their lower-case title;
-   If no match is found for the applied filters, no image is returned;
-   If an image has no race or job filter, it's considered as all-jobs and/or all-races;


What is a job?

Its like a class but for NPCs. Its a pseudo-class, a build. Something for the module to use as reference to wich kind of NPC should it build.

What is the seed field?

All NPCs are randomly generated and the seed is the 'starting point' from building a character. From there the build grows into the NPC. If you use the same seed with the same configurations you will get the same NPC.

Why maximum CR is 20?

Because from that point on the NPCs would strongly resemble monsters, with legendary actions and/or too many hit points to feel anything 'humanoid'.

What version of Foundry does it currently support?

Its supporting v10 and will support v11 once released.

For how long the module will be maintained?

At least by the end of 2023. If plenty of people are using it will be maintained indefinitely. In any case, there will be a 6 months notice before maintenance stops.

Disclaimer: in the screnshots I use the Tidysheet module (a free module for sheet visual) for demonstration purposes, because it condenses most character tabs in a single screen.

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1 year ago

Hey. I bought the Module today. I was hoping you could add a toggle that lets us take this beyond CR 12.

2 months ago

I have bought on the forge the module
NPC Generator for 5e (
 I can’t use it because it generates errors.
Unfortunately, my knowledge of the program is rudimentary, so I can only do so much with the console as I can see that it is probably due to missing data sets. Maybe another module that has translated DND5 into German?
In any case, I can’t get any further and need help.

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