Foundry VTT Package Jam 2021

The Extraordinary League of Foundry VTT Developers' Anniversary Package Jam

The League of Extraordinary Foundry VTT Developers is celebrating one year since Foundry Virtual Tabletop was released (May 22) and the League’s own first anniversary (July 13) by hosting a Package Jam between those dates!

Our first package jam was wildly successful, and it introduced packages you know and love like:

And many more… Now that we’ve grown and Foundry has grown, naturally that means even more awesome will come around this time right?

  • Jam Page
    • All of the up-to-date details about the Jam will be posted on the jam page and all entries should be submitted there.
  • League Discord Server
    • We’re here to help! We also really like seeing works in progress.

The Rules

Your submission(s) must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be one of the following:
    • System, Module, or World which works with Foundry VTT 0.8.x
    • A developer tool for use in creating Foundry Systems, Modules, or Worlds
    • A self-contained piece of Documentation or Educational Material specifically catered towards version 0.8.x of Foundry VTT. (Wiki pages authored by you are eligible for enty.)
  2. Be free to install / use / consume.
  3. Have its first public release during the jam.
  4. Comply with all applicable laws and respect copyright.
  5. Comply with the Foundry VTT software license.
  6. Contain a LICENSE file which sets out the license under which the package is released (there is no restriction on the license used, so long as it follows the other rules).
  7. Include at least a basic README detailing how to use the submission

Categories, Winning, and Prizes

Each contestant will be awarded an exclusive 3D D20 crafted by The Rollsmith for use with the Dice So Nice! module to commemorate their participation in this package jam.

Community Categories

After the submission phase there will be a judgement phase which will allow the community to rank submissions based on these criteria:

  • Useful
  • Polished
  • Mind-blowing

  • Wacky
  • Gorgeous
  • Massive

The overall top six submissions will receive prizes (have a look at the Jam page for up to date information about what those prizes are!)

Leadership Categories

In addition, the League’s Ring Masters (the leadership team) will pick a First and Second place winner for the following categories:

  • Most Integratable
  • Best External Integration
  • Best First Package
  • Best Sheet Module (any system)
  • Most Educational
  • Best Development Tool
  • Wackiest Package

Each of the First and Second place winners in these categories will also receive prizes, the details of which are available on the Jam page.

More details

The hub for this competition is the Jam page, be sure to check there if you would like clarification about the rules and prizes. And check back often (or join us on Discord) as more prizes may yet manifest.

Some emotional Stuff

The League’s first package jam’s announcement started with this triumphant declaration:

The League of Extraordinary Foundry Developers Discord just reached a 100+ members.

Our community has grown to over 2,000 strong in the eight months since then. We’ve witnessed a plethora of amazing ideas by motivated people from all over the globe come to market in that time.

I (Calego) only joined the League because of the first Package Jam and I run the place now. I know I speak for my fellow Ring Masters when I say “Thank you for your support, it has been an amazing journey, and I look forward to what new wonders the future holds.”

If you have any inkling of a desire to make your cool ideas a reality on the Foundry VTT platform, join us and together we will rule the galaxy build amazing things. Start with this jam and you might win something cool to boot.


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