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Created3 years ago
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Foundry VTT - Dice So Nice!

This module for Foundry VTT adds the ability to show a 3D dice simulation when a roll is made.

Usage Instructions

There are no particular instructions for use. Once the module is enabled, 3D animation will be displayed each time dice is rolled on foundry.


There's two type of settings:

  • The GM settings can only be modified by a GM user and will affect everyone in this FVTT world.
  • The Player's dice settings are linked to a player in a single world and can be modified by himself. These settings won't affect other players settings.



  • Enable 3D dices: Enable the 3D dice display in this browser session.
  • Dice Presets (Faces): Allows to select the dices faces. Default is "Standard" where every face is a text label. Some game systems can force this value for all players to display their own dices.
  • Theme: Allows to select a color theme for your dices. Themes changes every color settings and can pack multiple colors that will be selected at random each time you roll. A theme can also include a default texture that will be displayed if you selected "None / Auto (Theme)" in the "Texture" dropdown.
  • Texture: Allows to select a texture for the dice. Selecting "None / Auto (Theme)" will show the theme texture if there is one.
  • Material: Allows to select a material for the dice. Selecting "Auto (Theme)" will show the theme material if there is one. Default is "plastic".
  • Font: Allows to select a font for the dice. Selecting "Auto (Theme)" will use the theme font instead.
  • Label Color: Allows to change the color of the dice label.
  • Dice Color: Allows to change the color of the dice.
  • Outline Color: Allows to change the color of the dice label outline.
  • Edge Color: Allows to change the color of the edges of the dice.



  • Automatically Hide: When enabled, the dice disappear automatically after the result is displayed.
  • Millisecs Before Hiding: time in milliseconds after which the dice disappear automatically.
  • Hide FX: Effect used during dice hiding
  • Sound Effects: When enabled, custom sounds with "realistic" collision effects are played when the dices roll.
  • Sound Volume: Let you change the dice sound effect volume. This setting is applied on top of the "Interface" volume bar.
  • Table surface for sounds: Allows to select the type of sound made by dice hitting the virtual table.
  • Auto Scale: When enabled, auto scale the dice dimension based on the display size.
  • Manual Scale: Allows to manually change the scale of the dice.
  • Animation Speed: Change the speed at which the dices roll.
  • 3D layer position: Select if dice appear on top of the UI or under.
  • Throwing force: Change the magnitude of the vector applied to roll the dice. Let you either gently roll the dice or throw them with full force like a mad man.

Special Effects


  • Show other players special effects: When enabled, it will play the special effects from other players settings. Disable to only show your own.
  • Add: You can add special effects. A special effect is a short animation and/or sound played when a die roll on a specified result. Ex: Rolling a native 20 on a d20.

💥You can find a gallery of all special effects here💥



  • Shadows Quality: Allows to select the shadows quality. Can help with performances on some PCs.
  • Advanced lighting: When enabled, use realistic lighting (HDRI). Disable for better performances.
  • Enable 'high density' screen support: When enabled, it will upscale the 3D view to benefit from the extra pixels. Only have an effect on HDPI screens (like Retina display, 4k, etc). High-end GPU needed.

Documentation and API

A complete API and documentation for developers and artists alike is available in the Wiki

Known limitations

  • Works with vanilla foundry and with modules that do not substantially modify the Roll API.


Tested on Foundry VTT 0.7.9
If you need to use an older Foundry version, please download a compatible older version


Based on the "Online 3D dice roller" from Credits go to Anton Natarov, who published it under public domain.

"You can assume that it has the MIT license (or that else) if you wish so. I do not love any licenses at all and prefer to simply say that it is completely free =)" - Anton Natarov

v2 of "Dice So Nice" based on Teal's fork from the awesome MajorVictory, with his direct consent. You can find his online roller here:

d10 Geometry created by Greewi who did all the maths for our custom "Pentagonal Trapezohedron". You can find his homebrewed (french) TTRPG Feerie/Solaires here:

Built on ThreeJSCannonJS and Proton

Theme and model credits:

  • Spencer Thayer: Thylean Bronze theme
  • Foundry VTT: For the FVTT Logo in the Foundry VTT preset.
  • MajorVictory: For all the other theme in this module!
  • Joost Vanhoutte: For the "Foyer" HDRI map
  • Additional sound effects from

Many thanks to the people who continue to support us on Discord, to the amazing system and module developers who integrate our module and to the artists who have let us integrate their textures in Dice So Nice!


Every suggestions/feedback are appreciated, if so, please contact (Simone#6710) or JDW (JDW#6422) on discord

To report a bug, please open a new issue in our tracker


FoundryVTT Dice So Nice is a module for Foundry VTT by Simone and JDW and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

This work is licensed under Foundry Virtual Tabletop EULA - Limited License Agreement for module development.

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3 years ago

This makes playing online so much more fun and brings a little bit of a real table into foundry.
Every user can customize their dice so you instantly see whose dice are rolled.
For me a must have!

3 years ago

My group is a huge on the dice we use IRL..lots of “oooo”s and “aaaahhh”s when a new set comes to the table. This is a great module that allows players to add their own flair to their dice.

3 years ago

Blows away the 3d dice in all other VTTs with the options it has. Only thing missing is the ability to pickup the dice and roll free form…….and there is a neat option that kind of lets you do that even.

3 years ago

Don’t leave your Foundry game without this module.

3 years ago

Amazing module! I would never start playing without it!

3 years ago

Anyone know of a way to make it so that when I DM roll (I also use “actually private rolls” so my players can’t see them) it won’t make the dice sound? I want to be able to secretly roll stuff, though I guess IRL your players can hear you roll dice as well.

3 years ago

My only complaint about this module is that since I own Foundry and installed this module, they are effectively playing with dice I “supplied” for them, so they complain that it is rigged in my favor!

They are silly and superstitious and their character’s continued liveliness proves they’re mistaken, and really, we all love DSN! and all its options and features!

3 years ago

It was the first module I had my players mess around with and they were absolutely ecstatic. It brings out the inner dice goblin in all of us and it is so well executed. It’s an essential module IMO.

3 years ago

My favorite underrated thing about Dice so Nice is the soft clinking together of the dice when they touch

3 years ago

Before I tried Dice So Nice, I didn’t think I needed 3D dice. I was wrong.

The moment of drama from watching the dice is an important part of the experience, I’ve found, and DSN does it very very well.

2 years ago

Some people claim that 3D dice are not needed when you play online. Some people are wrong.The clamor that rises when your players roll that needed crit and *they all see it together* is compared to nothing in this business. Thanks for everything!

2 years ago

There is not much I could say that other haven’t said already. Without this module, playing just doesn’t feel the same. It adds so much to the actual feeling of playing and brings it much closer to being around the real table with your friends!

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