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The Duke´s dice roller

Created 04 Mar 2021

Updated 26 Jul 2021

Author dukemadcat

A roll20 inspired advanced dice roller as interface to the most common dice rolling commands.

Bonus Die

Created 03 Nov 2020

Updated 10 Jun 2021

Author HadaIoan

# Bonus Die   Bonus Die is a Foundry VTT module that allows the GM to give players 'Bonus Dice' …

Mess - Moerills enhancing super-suit(e)

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 17 Dec 2020

Author Moerill

This module adds quite a few different features. Make sure to take a look at the modules link for a …


Created 17 Nov 2020

Updated 04 Jan 2021

Author troygoode

Fudge your dice rolls! Adds a new dice roll tool to the tokens toolbar. Click the 💩 button, enter in …

Multiattack 5e

Created 21 Nov 2020

Updated 14 Jun 2021


Multiattack 5e (MA5e) streamlines the multiattack action by letting players perform several attack / damage rolls at once and condenses …

Quick Rolls

Created 28 Nov 2020

Updated 30 Dec 2020

Author Steven Cao

A module for quicker rolling. Rolls are made directly from the item card and the item card button clicks update …

Mars 5e - Moerills alternative rolling style

Created 17 Dec 2020

Updated 03 Jun 2021


This module provides an opinionated alternative to how the roll workflow in DnD5e and how they're displayed.Main goal is to …

Dice Roller - Legends of the five rings 4th edition

Created 02 Jan 2021

Updated 01 Mar 2021

Author Eupolemo Castro

A dice roller to Legends of the five rings 4th Edition. It captures chat message and converts to a Foundry …

Dice Cheater Protector

Created 12 Jan 2021

Updated 27 Jul 2021

Author JDR Ninja

Cheater Dice Protector It's easy to cheat your roll in Foundry with a little bit of Javascript knowledge. This module …

Dramatic Rolls

Created 15 Jan 2021

Updated 16 Jul 2021

Author Glen Simon

Dramatic Rolls A simple module for FoundryVtt that addes a little excitement to natural 20s and natural 1s. Adds sounds …

One Roll Engine

Created 04 Feb 2021

Updated 25 Jun 2021

Author shem

One Roll Engine One Roll Engine is a Foundry VTT module, based on the One-Roll Engine (O.R.E) generic TTRPG system.  …

Risk Dice Modifier

Created 08 Feb 2021

Updated 04 Jun 2021

Author Johannes Loher

An implementation of risk rolls as found for example in the Splittermond game system. This module provides a new dice …