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Chronicler's Modified Rolls

Created 21 Oct 2021

Updated 28 Dec 2021

Author The Chronicler

Chronicler's Modified Rolls (CMR) Ever had the wish to change a roll result after the chat message popped up in …

Chain Reaction

Created 31 Jan 2022

Updated 17 Jul 2022

Author BadIdeasBureau

Chain Reaction Provides a workaround to , allowing rolls such as 1d20x10x20 to explode continually on both numbers. Multiple …

Quick Reveal

Created 27 Jan 2022

Updated 27 Jan 2022

Author Tero Parvinen

Allows the GM to quickly (and even automatically, for damage) reveal the last die roll made so the players can …

Taragnor's GM Paranoia

Created 26 Jan 2022

Updated 26 Jan 2022

Author taragnor

A dice security module which routes all async dice rolls through the GM's machine (using socket communication) and then returns …

FUx Dice Roller

Created 18 Jan 2022

Updated 20 Jan 2022

Author anders-forslund

Dice roller for FreeForm Universal(FU) RPG Classic & v2, Action Tales! RPG, Neon City Overdrive RPG, Earthdawn - Age Of …

Rolltable Requester

Created 17 Jan 2022

Updated 15 Oct 2022

Author Colin Bate

Rolltables (or rollable tables, or random tables) are a great way to fuel ideas and add a bit of randomness …

Entice with Dice so Nice

Created 03 Jan 2022

Updated 11 Sep 2022

Author telmo-correa

This module works as an addon to Dice so Nice, adding more textures to give users more customization options for …
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Arecibo: A World of Adventure for Fate Core System

Created 01 Dec 2021

Updated 01 Dec 2021

Authors Evil Hat Productions LLC, Ben Howard

Play Puerto Rican children who have been infused with alien powers in the middle of an island-wide crisis. Everyone on the …
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Savage Pathfinder Bestiary

Created 09 Nov 2021

Updated 12 Oct 2022

Author Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Bestiary Savage Pathfinder Bestiary Over 240 foul beasts and terrifying monsters to plague the nightmares of …

Fudge O' Plenty

Created 07 Nov 2021

Updated 07 Nov 2021

Author LyncsCwtsh

This module works as an addon to Dice so Nice, adding more dice faces for Fudge/Fate dice to give users …

PF2e Attack Card Damage

Created 02 Nov 2021

Updated 18 Mar 2022

Author Jim Daily

This module puts the buttons to roll Damage and Critical right on the chat card for a Strike to streamline …

Talis Dice

Created 27 Oct 2021

Updated 14 Nov 2021

Author Talis

Texture sets for Dice So Nice!