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Crits Decorator - A module for crit rolling

Created 17 Apr 2021

Updated 17 May 2021

Author Faeeria

This module allows you to specify actions that should happen in the event of a critical roll.

Talis Dice

Created 27 Oct 2021

Updated 14 Nov 2021

Author Talis

Texture sets for Dice So Nice!

Chronicler's Modified Rolls

Created 21 Oct 2021

Updated 28 Dec 2021

Author The Chronicler

Chronicler's Modified Rolls (CMR) Ever had the wish to change a roll result after the chat message popped up in …

More Hooks D&D5e

Created 18 Oct 2021

Updated 06 Mar 2022

Author Andrew Krigline

A library module which adds more Hooks for events in the 5e system.   Adds more hooks to the 5e …

Pool Party for FFG Star Wars

Created 28 Sep 2021

Updated 20 Dec 2021

Author Bolts

Pool Party for FFG Star WArs A module that allows for live updating dice pools if FFG Star Wars and …

Quick Actions

Created 16 Jul 2021

Updated 12 Aug 2021

Author SetaSensei

Quick Actions for DnD 5e   Quickly launch an attack or a spell from the character's spreadsheet. Adds a a …

Nice more Dice

Created 11 Jul 2021

Updated 23 Jan 2022

Author LyncsCwtsh

This module works as an addon to Dice so Nice, adding more textures and dice faces to give users more …


Created 16 Jun 2021

Updated 21 Feb 2022

Author Furyspark

What is this? This is a module that implements the MUNE solo toolkit in FoundryVTT. In short, it adds a …

Optional Rules for Dnd5e

Created 07 Jun 2021

Updated 25 May 2022

Author NekroDarkmoon

Optional Rules for D&D5e This module aims to automate some of the optional and homebrew rules available for DnD 5e. …

External Dice Roll Connector

Created 14 May 2021

Updated 31 Dec 2021

Author bukiro

This module is an HTTP connector that allows you to roll dice in your open Foundry VTT session by opening …

PF2e Attack Card Damage

Created 02 Nov 2021

Updated 18 Mar 2022

Author Jim Daily

This module puts the buttons to roll Damage and Critical right on the chat card for a Strike to streamline …

True RNG

Created 12 Apr 2021

Updated 31 May 2021

Author KiD Fearless

  # TrueRNG This module implements's true random number generator service into the dice rolls of Foundry-VTT. In order …