D&D Beyond Gamelog

Latest version2.0.0
Minimum Core10.282
Compatible Core10
Last updated1 year ago
Created3 years ago
Systems Dnd5e
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D&D Beyond Gamelog

Display your D&D Beyond rolls in Foundry VTT with ease!



- No browser extensions or iframes needed and literally you can roll for [EVERY SINGLE THING].

- D&D Beyond (on desktop) and the D&D Beyond Player app (iOS/Android including phones and tablets) are also supported.


New features

  • Real-time character updates from desktop and mobile without any browser extension. *
  • Real-time character condition updates from desktop and mobile without any browser extension. *
    • (Updating conditions on the entities requires Combat Utility Belt module and it's Enhanced Conditions feature installed and enabled.
  • Supported attributes:
    • Hit points
    • Inspiration point
    • Exhaustion level
    • Death save values
    • Experience points
    • Character level (supports multi-classes)
    • Damage Resistances
    • Damage Immunities
    • Condition Immunities
    • Damage vulnerabilities
    • Conditions and effects [*condition updates requires Combat Utility Belt module]



  • Displaying rolls from D&D Beyond (Desktop)

  • Displaying rolls from D&D Beyond Player App* (Mobile / Tablet / iOS, Android)

  • Displaying pending rolls (optional)

  • Self removing pending rolls

  • Manual D&D Beyond PlayerID / FVTT PlayerID mapping

  • Custom themed roll messages*

  • Dice So Nice! integration*

  • Roll result breakdown*

  • Discord integration (displaying your rolls on a specified discord channel)*
  • D&D Beyond player importer from campaign to make beyond / foundry player id mapping significantly faster*
  • Item and Spell descriptions in roll messages*
  • Initiative tracking (integration with Foundry Combat Tracker)
  • D&D Beyond Targeted rolls support*
  • D&D Beyond Monster Roll support*
  • Avatars in Roll messages*
  • Roll quick actions*
  • Entity badges*
  • JB2A / Otigon's AA integration*


* some features requires Patreon supporter membership.


Upcoming features

  • D&D Beyond roll history import*
  • Targeted rolls support


How to set up the module

Follow this link for the detailed instructions: DDB Gamelog WIKI 

(Outdated, please come to discord if you are having issues, I will update it asap)


Known incompatibilities

It's highly recommended to check the list on github.


Live support, reporting issues, sending suggestions

Please join to Discord to get support, report bugs or if you have feature suggestions.

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