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Baka Chat

Created 07 Jun 2021

Updated 26 Jan 2022

Author kid2407

A small Foundry module to make natural 1s and 20s more fun. Posts an image in the chat whenever a …

Pf2E Modifiers Matter

Created 01 Nov 2021

Updated 19 Apr 2022

Author shem

Pf2E Modifiers Matter FoundryVTT module for the PF2e system, which highlights situations where status effects (buffs, debuffs, conditions) change the …

Chronicler's Modified Rolls

Created 21 Oct 2021

Updated 28 Dec 2021

Author The Chronicler

Chronicler's Modified Rolls (CMR) Ever had the wish to change a roll result after the chat message popped up in …

Chat Damage Buttons SWNR

Created 30 Aug 2021

Updated 11 Dec 2021

Author WinterSleepAI

A very simple module for apply health damage/recovery from chat log for Stars Without Number Revised. Largely extended from …

Sticky Sidebar

Created 18 Aug 2021

Updated 18 Aug 2021

Author Mouse0270

Sticky Sidebar Sticky Sidebar lets you pin up two sidebar tabs to be always visible in the side bar. Need …

Koboldworks – Little Helper for Pathfinder 1

Created 01 Aug 2021

Updated 22 May 2022

Author MKAh

  Bunch of little tweaks, notifications, opinionated improvements, etc. that are too small to exist on their own, for the …

Token Says

Created 26 Jul 2021

Updated 07 May 2022

Author napolitanod

Token Says Bring some penache into your world. With Token Says, make tokens speak dialog or audio based on in …

Damage Log

Created 20 Jul 2021

Updated 10 Jan 2022

Author Alan Davies

Damage Log is a FoundryVTT module that monitiors for changes to characters' heath, and displays those changes in a separate …

Inline Table Rolls

Created 06 Jul 2021

Updated 21 Apr 2022

Author spaceman

Inline Table Rolls allows DMs and players to execute inline rolls on tables within chat messages. This is useful for …

Copy Chat

Created 02 Jul 2021

Updated 09 Jul 2021

Author Ape-Fink

This module for Foundry VTT adds the ability to copy text from chat windows. Once enabled you'll see a new …

Chat GIFs

Created 09 Jun 2021

Updated 18 Jun 2021

Authors YourFavouriteOreo, Blackcloud, The League of Extraordinary FVTT Developers

This module creates GIPHY integration allowing the user to search and send GIFs in chat

PF2e Attack Card Damage

Created 02 Nov 2021

Updated 18 Mar 2022

Author Jim Daily

This module puts the buttons to roll Damage and Critical right on the chat card for a Strike to streamline …