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PF2e Modifiers Matter

Created 01 Nov 2021

Updated 23 Nov 2021

Author shem

PF2e Modifiers Matter FoundryVTT module for the PF2e system, which highlights situations where status effects (buffs, debuffs, conditions) change the …

Library: Chat Commands

Created 15 Jan 2021

Updated 06 May 2021

Authors Cody Swendrowski, The League of Extraordinary FVTT Developers

LIBRARY: This module is just a dependency for other modules and provides little functionality on its own.   Allows for …

Bilibili Live Danmaku

Created 06 Apr 2021

Updated 06 Apr 2021

Author hmqgg

【FVTT-CN/hmqgg 开发】整合 Bilibili 直播间弹幕到 FVTT OOC 聊天中。 Integrate Bilibili Live Room Danmaku into Foundry VTT OOC Chat Logs.

Calculate From Chat

Created 21 Mar 2021

Updated 21 Mar 2021

Author wsaunders1014

This is a simple module that relies on the Chat Commands module as a dependency. It adds a /calc command …

D&D Beyond Gamelog

Created 08 Mar 2021

Updated 27 Nov 2021

Author IamWarHead

D&D Beyond Gamelog Display your D&D Beyond rolls in Foundry VTT with ease!     - No browser extensions or …

Louder Whispers

Created 01 Mar 2021

Updated 24 Sep 2021

Author Neil de Carteret

A module which will help you pay a-goddamn-ttention to your incoming whispers (private messages), including audio overrides, notifications, and eye-popping …

Multi-part Messages

Created 01 Mar 2021

Updated 01 Mar 2021

Author Alex Moriarty

A package that enables chat messages to be split into multiple parts. Only part is shown in chat at a …
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ViNo - VIsual NOvel for FoundryVTT

Created 26 Jan 2021

Updated 23 Sep 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

  An opinionated approach to the visual novel TTRPG experience.   ViNo is a spiritual successor to Theatre Inserts, favoring …

Foundry Stream Module

Created 24 Jan 2021

Updated 16 Apr 2021

Author MrUnderhill

Foundry Stream Module integrates Twitch chat with Foundry Virtual Tabletop   A module for integrating Twitch chat from streams into …

Deepflame's Chat Cards

Created 23 Jan 2021

Updated 25 Jun 2021

Author Deepflame

Deepflame's Chat Cards This is a very simple module to alter the base chat cards. It will color the header …

Chat Reactions

Created 25 May 2021

Updated 11 Jun 2021

Authors YourFavouriteOreo, Blackcloud, The League of Extraordinary FVTT Developers

This module is designed to add an emoji picker to the text chat, add twemoji chat reactions to default chat …

Chat Drop - Drag and Drop Entities into Chat

Created 09 Jan 2021

Updated 09 Jan 2021

Author Cole Schultz

Allows users to drag entities from the world or compendia into the chat box to quickly link items in chat.