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Some QoL tools for GM and Players. Skills shortcuts, tooltips, targeting and door interactions. Mostly for DnD.

Toolbar additions:

  • roll investigation, perception and insight
  • enter combat & roll initative, pass turn
  • change hit points and temp. hit points

Selection and Targeting Tools:

  • Speaker name on chat message is clickable to select respective token
  • Button to send current targets to chat as message. So other players can click and select them
  • Clear targets after a roll
  • Attach current targets to the roll message, when making a roll
  • Hotkey 'q' will switch between 'select' and 'target' token tools, clearing current targets

Tool Tips:

  • Option to show a tooltip when hovering over a token. It's contents is modular (defined by the GM).
  • Tooltip contents, attributes: Token name, hit points, armor class, speed.
  • Tooltip contents, skills: passive perception, passive insight.
  • Tooltip content, actor resources: Show class resources that have a max value greater than 0.
  • Tooltip content, features: Show actor features that have charges. Like KI, Superiority Dices, etc.
  • Tooltip content, favorites: When using the tidy5e sheet you can mark some items as favorites. That can be shown on tooltip also.
  • Tooltip content, spell slots: Show remaining spell slots on tooltip.
  • Tooltip content, case by case: Each item, under edit item -> description -> **tooltip display**, can be set to "Hidden", "Charges" or "Quantity" to be represented on the tooltip. 
  • Tooltip icons: Option to show icons instead of names for identify contents. If no icon is avaliable, the name will be shown anyway (like with class resources). If the name is too long it will be abbreviated.
  • Tooltip styles: choose between black or white tooltip style.
  • Tooltip other options: display based on token permissions, scaleable tooltip size, max number of items on tooltip, max number of items per row, and more.

Scene interaction:

  • Removed from this module. But I've created a separated module to Door Interaction: Arms Reach
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