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Combat Carousel

Created 13 Oct 2020

Updated 07 Jul 2021

Author Evan Clarke

It's free to ride, but it might cost your life... About A Foundry VTT module to display CRPG-style Combatant cards …


Created 05 Jun 2021

Updated 03 Aug 2021

Author theripper93

Levels Create maps with multiple vertical levels   How to use:   Tiles: You can set the elevation range of …

Token Health

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 18 Jul 2021


Apply damage/healing with a few keystrokes to all selected or targeted tokens at once.

Not Your Turn!

Created 14 Sep 2020

Updated 02 Jun 2021

Author CDeenen

Block token movement if the GM doesn't want it. By default it only blocks movement during combat when it's not …

DnD5 Cheatsheet

Created 14 May 2021

Updated 11 Jul 2021

Author Nehorim

This module aims to provide a fast and concise DnD5 Cheatsheet. With easy access buttons (can be disabled in settings). …

Initiative Double Click

Created 22 May 2021

Updated 22 May 2021


A tiny module to allow double clicking the initiative value in the combat tracker to quickly modify it.  

Simultaneous Combat System

Created 17 Jun 2021

Updated 03 Aug 2021

Author arcanist

A beautiful mostly system-agnostic and completely customizable implementation of a simultaneous combat system   Have you ever tired of waiting …

Giffyglyph's 5e Monster Maker

Created 19 Jul 2021

Updated 19 Jul 2021

Author Giffyglyph

Great Heroes need Great Villains Build scaling D&D monsters in seconds with Giffyglyph's 5e Monster Maker. This module unlocks all …

Damage Log

Created 20 Jul 2021

Updated 27 Jul 2021

Author Alan Davies

Damage Log is a FoundryVTT module that monitiors for changes to characters' heath, and displays those changes in a separate …

Mess - Moerills enhancing super-suit(e)

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 17 Dec 2020

Author Moerill

This module adds quite a few different features. Make sure to take a look at the modules link for a …

SWADE Macros

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Authors spacemandev, Nnayl, lipefl

# SWADE Macros Simple A set of useful macros for the SWADE system. Growing list, currently: ### Card Draw Macro …

Target Enhancements

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Eadorin

Customizes targeting. As a colorblind player/gm, having icons instead of indistinguishable colored dots makes for a much better experience.   …