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Custom Fonts

Created 09 Jan 2022

Updated 09 Aug 2022

Author Arcanist

Custom Fonts Facilitates using Custom Fonts in Journal Entries, Text Drawings on the canvas, or for the entire UI! You …

Moulinette Sounds & SoundPad (module)

Created 19 Apr 2021

Updated 13 Nov 2022

Author moulinette-sounds

This module for Moulinette adds capabilities for managing your sounds and create a soundpad. Bring your own sounds, manage them …

Talespire Dice Relay

Created 27 Apr 2021

Updated 23 May 2021

Author DeVelox

NO LONGER MAINTAINED Used for sending dice roll formulas to Talespire. Compatibility Currently only supports D&D5e and PF2e game systems. …

External Dice Roll Connector

Created 14 May 2021

Updated 31 Dec 2021

Author bukiro

This module is an HTTP connector that allows you to roll dice in your open Foundry VTT session by opening …

Ace Library

Created 27 May 2021

Updated 02 Sep 2022

Author Arcanist

A library module for using the Ace editor in Foundry VTT. Usage To easily add an Ace editor, you can …

Stream View

Created 03 Jun 2021

Updated 03 Oct 2022

Author sPOiDar

This module provides a minimal UI view with automated camera work, ideal for streaming or recording games, without all the …
module Foundry Integration

Created 18 Jun 2021

Updated 28 Sep 2022

Author Zach Armstrong

This module provides a repository for storing and retrieving PCs across servers. It provides an interface to hook into …

Dungeon Scrawl Importer

Created 14 Jul 2021

Updated 26 Nov 2022

Author Tobias Franz

A Foundry module to allow importing a .ds file generated with Dungeon Scrawl to automatically generate walls.

RPG Awesome Wrapper

Created 16 Jul 2021

Updated 16 Jul 2021

Author TheAks999

This is a wrapper for the RPG Awesom CSS and Font set for module developers.   A fantasy themed font …

Stochastic, Fantastic! - Random Encounter Generator

Created 20 Aug 2021

Updated 01 Oct 2022

Authors theripper93, Mouse0270, thetreat

Stochastic, Fantastic! A random encounter generator with automatic creature importing (from your own compendiums) and spwaning plus loot generator (with …

LiveKit AVClient

Created 22 Oct 2021

Updated 09 Nov 2022

Author bekit

LiveKit AVClient      About A replacement for the native SimplePeer / EasyRTC A/V client in FoundryVTT. The module uses LiveKit platform to …

HueJASS by Blitz

Created 11 Nov 2021

Updated 12 Nov 2021

Author Blitzkraig

A Phillips Hue library for Foundry VTT. Some basic functionality provided in helpers, as well as a 'bridge' to functionality provided by JSHue