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Moulinette Sounds & SoundPad (module)

Created 19 Apr 2021

Updated 23 Oct 2021

Author Sven Werlen

This module for Moulinette adds capabilities for managing your sounds and create a soundpad. Bring your own sounds, manage them …

Foundry Stream Module

Created 24 Jan 2021

Updated 16 Apr 2021

Author MrUnderhill

Foundry Stream Module integrates Twitch chat with Foundry Virtual Tabletop   A module for integrating Twitch chat from streams into …


Created 27 Feb 2021

Updated 28 Mar 2021

Author Caoranach

This is a simple module designed to duplicate FoundryVTT chat and put it into a Discord server's chat channel, using …

One Page Parser

Created 02 Mar 2021

Updated 10 Jul 2021

Author Tarkan Al-Kazily

Create instant scenes for Foundry VTT from Watabou's One Page Dungeon - This project is unafilliated with Watabou's work. …

D&D Beyond Gamelog

Created 08 Mar 2021

Updated 02 Oct 2021

Author IamWarHead

D&D Beyond Gamelog Display your D&D Beyond rolls in Foundry VTT with ease!     - No browser extensions or …

Hephaistos Importer

Created 22 Mar 2021

Updated 06 Sep 2021

Author Hephaistos

A module to facilitate importing characters created using the online character management tool Hephaistos. Characters created in Hephaistos can be …


Created 25 Mar 2021

Updated 30 Mar 2021

Author rwan

integreted tabletopaudio soundpads   This module embed the TableTop audio site in an i-frame, within Foundry VTT. here is a …

Token Stamp 2 for Foundry VTT -

Created 25 Mar 2021

Updated 01 Aug 2021

Author Chad Keating

Integration of RolAdvantage's Token Stamp 2:   A simple token creator within Foundry VTT. To make tokens for your …

Bilibili Live Danmaku

Created 06 Apr 2021

Updated 06 Apr 2021

Author hmqgg

【FVTT-CN/hmqgg 开发】整合 Bilibili 直播间弹幕到 FVTT OOC 聊天中。 Integrate Bilibili Live Room Danmaku into Foundry VTT OOC Chat Logs.

Moulinette Game Icons (module)

Created 19 Apr 2021

Updated 11 Oct 2021

Author Sven Werlen

This module for Moulinette adds capabilities for searching and downloading icons from Search and download desired icons. Specify the …
module Importer

Created 12 Jan 2021

Updated 14 Sep 2021

Authors Kristian Serrano, Joseph Schnurr, Tenuki

Import JSON data of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition characters exported from Generic JSON files of characters and bestiary entries …

Talespire Dice Relay

Created 27 Apr 2021

Updated 23 May 2021

Author DeVelox

Used for sending dice roll formulas to Talespire. Compatibility Currently only supports D&D5e and PF2e game systems. Not compatible with …