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AI Description Generator

Created 11 Jan 2023

Updated 21 Jan 2023

Author Pepijn Sietsema

Although this module is completely free, the AI it uses is not. The module requires an API key obtained from …

Random Procedural Creations

Created 17 Jul 2023

Updated 27 Aug 2023

Authors Aragorn, jack_indaboks

Produce, procedurally-generated homebrew content with the Random Procedural Creations (rp-creations) module for Foundry VTT! See Random Procedural Names for AI …

Embed Cloud Documents

Created 11 Jul 2023

Updated 11 Jul 2023

Author Phil Reif

Embed cloud documents or any website into Foundry journals. I have seen a lot of people asking how to embed …

Elevenlabs for Foundry

Created 27 Jun 2023

Updated 02 Jul 2023

Author Vex

Elevenlabs for Foundry Elevenlabs Integration for FoundryVTT. Now you can bring your characters to actually speak in your games! Simply …

Intelligent NPCs

Created 25 Jun 2023

Updated 15 Feb 2024

Authors Cody Swendrowski, Roman Trevisanut

Intelligent NPCs to bring more life to your games Gain access at Find out more here:
Premium content

Intelligent NPCs - Premium Packs

Created 23 Jun 2023

Updated 19 Jul 2023

Authors Cody Swendrowski, Roman Trevisanut

Premium Intelligent NPCs to bring more life to your games Gain access at

Ethereal Plane - Twitch and Youtube Integration

Created 19 Jun 2023

Updated 17 Dec 2023

Author Faey Umbrea

This module is an integration for foundry with streaming services. To use it, you need to either spin up a …

Cyberpunk RED Importer

Created 17 Jun 2023

Updated 20 Dec 2023

Author Aaron Olkin

This module is designed to import character data from (and the associated mobile apps). It is most useful if …

JDR Ninja Technobabble

Created 16 May 2023

Updated 13 Jun 2023

Author JDR Ninja

JDR Ninja Technobabble est un module pour FoundryVTT qui permet de générer du technobabble. Qu'est-ce que du Technobabble? Le technobabble …

Ask ChatGPT

Created 27 Apr 2023

Updated 27 Apr 2023

Author Nikolay Vizovitin

Customizable ChatGPT integration for Foundry VTT. Allows you to leverage the power of AI in your game chat. It can …

Discord Speaking Status

Created 26 Apr 2023

Updated 23 Jul 2023

Author Xaukael

Outlines user character token and their user color marker in the players ui when they speak. Relays speaking status in …

GPT-4 D&D Rules

Created 18 Apr 2023

Updated 25 Apr 2023

Author Christopher Allbritton

A simple incorporation of ChatGPT into FoundryVTT to assist in lookup rules, stats, etc. It's a work in progress, but …