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Fryke's Music Streamer

Created 15 May 2022

Updated 15 May 2022

Author Fryke

This is a simple module that adds a small HTML audio player ( meant specifically for playing an audio stream. …

D&D Beyond Rolls

Created 16 Dec 2022

Updated 16 Dec 2022

Author rm2kdev

🎲 D&D Beyond Rolls Module! Hello! Welcome! this is a module to connect D&D Beyond rolls into Foundry VTT and …


Created 13 Nov 2022

Updated 12 Dec 2022

Author winterwulf

Most weather generation models for RPGs suffer from conflict between simplicity leading to unrealistic results and complex implementation that requires …

OBS Utils

Created 18 Oct 2022

Updated 01 Oct 2023

Author Faey Umbrea

Foundry Automation and OBS Remote Control for Streamers!   OBS Utils This module was developed specifically for using OBS Browsers …

Dracs 4E tools for Foundry VTT

Created 20 Sep 2022

Updated 28 Aug 2023

Author Drac

A collection of tools and utilities for improving QoL running 4E in foundry VTT   Masterplan Importer An importer for …

Fantasymaps Shared Worlds

Created 12 Sep 2022

Updated 12 Sep 2022

Author FantasyMaps

The Fantasymaps Shared World plugin enables parties to play in a world where their changes are meaningful to the world …

MG Living World - Core

Created 21 Aug 2022

Updated 27 Nov 2022

Author MasterGeese

This module contains any functionality required by multiple Living World modules that cannot be reasonably separated into its own module.

Traveller Map Tools

Created 08 Aug 2022

Updated 01 Sep 2022

Author Samuel Penn

Designed as a play aid for those playing Traveller (any system) in the Third Imperium setting, this module provides a …


Created 01 Jun 2022

Updated 01 Jun 2022

Author valorcurse

PlaneShift is a FoundryVTT module that allows ArUco markers to be tracked within Foundry when using an horizontally mounted TV. …

Chronica Importer

Created 31 May 2022

Updated 31 May 2022

Author Tobias Franz

A module allowing you to import your exported data from into Foundry.

Foundry Permalinks

Created 02 Jan 2023

Updated 02 Jan 2023

Author numinit

FoundryVTT Permalinks TL;DR: When you open a window that can have a permalink generated, the window's URL is replaced with …

Amazon S3 Utils

Created 09 May 2022

Updated 17 Jun 2023

Author Faey Umbrea

This simple module provides support for Path Style S3 URLs in Foundry. Just install and activate, no further configuration required. …