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LiveKit AVClient

A replacement for the native SimplePeer / EasyRTC A/V client in FoundryVTT. The module uses LiveKit platform to provide Audio & Video communication between players.

Note: At the moment there is no public LiveKit signalling server. You must configure a custom signalling server under Audio/Video communication.

I am providing access to a LiveKit server cluster that I am maintaining to anyone who subscribes to my Patreon at at least a $5 per month level. If there is interest, I will look into providing other forms of payment for this, but I will need to charge a fee to help pay for the infrastructure and my time to maintain it.


You can install this module by using the following manifest URL:

How to use

Install & enable the module then configure your LiveKit instance as the signalling server.

Choose Signalling Server: Custom Server
Signaling Server URL: <Your LiveKit server address>
Signalling Server Username: ABCDEFGHIJ12345 <Your LiveKit API Key>
Signalling Server Password: **************** <Your LiveKit Secret Key>

Breakout Rooms

A GM can now split the party!

To start a breakout room, right-click on the player you would like to break out in the player list and select Start A/V breakout. You will join a different A/V session with that user. You can now right-click on other users and pull them into the breakout room, or start yet another breakout room with another user.

start breakout example

Though the GM will always join the breakout room on creation, they can leave the breakout room themselves by right-clicking on their own username and selecting Leave A/V Breakout. Users can also leave a breakout at any time by right-clicking on their own name, and the GM can end all breakout rooms by selecting End all A/V breakouts.

start breakout example

Running your own LiveKit server

There are several examples available for launching your own livekit server:


By default, debug logs are disabled. If additional logs are needed for troubleshooting, Enable debug logging can be turned on under the module settings. For even more logging of the LiveKit connection, LiveKit trace logging can be enabled after debugging logging is turned on by setting Enable LiveKit trace logging under module settings.



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