The Rollsmith – A new digital dice workshop for Foundry

Disclaimer: Foundry Hub is directly affiliated with one of the creators.

You are now able to extend your dice buying addiction to the digital space. The Rollsmith is a new service launched by the co-author of the Dice So Nice! module and his 3D artist friend to bring you new high quality dice designs to Foundry.

For the moment there are only two collections available: a wooden one with four and a marble one with eleven different colored sets. More are planned to come out soon. If you have ideas for new dice sets head over to The Rollsmith Discord. They are actively looking for new designs.

Cherry Wooden Dice Set in action

Each set costs $4.99 ($2.99 on sale) and you are able to save a bunch of money if you buy them in bulk. In case you are thinking this will affect your favorite 3D dice module, don’t worry Dice So Nice! will continue being free as well as it’s future updates. It is a creative way to monetize a time consuming hobby.

Do you like the designs, have ideas for new ones or is this not your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments.


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