Automatic Walls Tool for Foundry VTT

Dungeon Channel just released an awesome new tool that will automatically generate walls for your custom maps. This tool is designed especially for cartographers and works by uploading a layout of your map with either the floor or the walls in a solid color which shouldn’t take long if you created the map. However this will still be useful for everyone who has basic knowledge in image editing.

With this method you can have a fully walled map for Foundry VTT, Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds in only seconds. Additional VTTs will likely be added in the future as well as improvements to the generated files since the tool is in active development. You can watch the short YouTube video to better understand how it works.

Even though cartographers and map creators will benefit the most from this tool, anyone can take advantage of it to reduce the time it takes to trace large maps from potentially hours to just a couple of minutes. You will need to subscribe to their Patreon at the Dungeon Architect or higher to use it.


The Automatic Wall tool will be free for anyone to try out over the weekend until the 10th of May. The Dungeon Channel Patreon is also currently offering a discount of two free months for annual subscriptions for the next week.

Make sure to visit the Dungeon Channel and also check out their Dungeon Generator tool as well.


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