Isometrics Module by grape_juice Public Release

Image courtesy of Two Brave Puffins

The widely teased Isometrics Module from grape_juice has gotten it’s first public release today. In case you don’t know what it is or have never heard about it before this module’s main feature is implementing a fully isometric grid canvas to Foundry VTT allowing you play your sessions in the style of beloved old school video game RPGs.

That’s not all, the developer has put much thought into what features you would need to have an awesome experience. Such as adding tiles to wall types so they can disappear or change the alpha level when a token is behind it or you enter a room. There is a pretty good video by azathought explaining the features in detail. It also comes with free assets from five different creators: Isometric Worlds, Two Brave Puffins, CinderLight, The Iso Explorer, and VividAdventureMaps.

This is a stable release which means it has been playtested and will support the latest stable version of Foundry. If you are a supporter on Patreon you get Early Access releases. Those releases are where the support for the coming 0.8.x Foundry releases will be fleshed out and new features will be tested. New features currently in testing are a Photoshop like tile layer, mask drawing, auto walling and many more.

Let us know how you are going to implement isometric maps into your game and be sure to drop by grape_juice’s discord for more Isometric talk.


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