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Latest version2.2.3
Minimum Core0.6.6
Compatible Core0.7.5
Last updated1 year ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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2.2.3 - Added PF2 support. Fixed shift dragging not working now.

2.2.2 - Rebuilt the line drawing algorithms, Now works on hex grids again. Can now set `token.ignoreTerrain=true` to ignore difficult terrain.

2.2.1 - Hotfix: Dragging token off left side of grid or top would freeze application.

2.2.0 - Add support for Terrain Layer - Drag Distance now calculates path through difficult terrain. Created a new more efficient method for highlighting squares. Confirm 7.5 support. Removed 'x' key conflict with other modules.

2.1.9 - Fix multiple tokens not dragging. Fixed some bugs with gridless maps. Fix math on creating waypoints. Fix some issues with shift dragging off grid.

2.1.8 - Fixed shift dropping off grid. GM's can now move tokens through walls again.

2.1.7 - Added Spanish language pull request.

2.1.6 - Token now follows path set with waypoints again. This was broken last release. Tokens with zero movement speed now highlight red as all movement is outside their speed.

2.1.5 - Now cancels ruler and movement if you drag token back to starting point. Holding shift will now let you place token off grid, as it should. Pressing escape while dragging will now cancel drag.

2.1.4 - Fixed conflict with Pick-Up-Stix

2.1.3 - Fix user broadcasting.

2.1.2 - DragRuler no longer shows for GM movements, unless the GM holds down 'Alt' to broadcast. If your movement speed uses decimals, it will now work properly. You can now also press 'P' to place a waypoint while dragging if you're on a touchpad.

2.1.1 - Fixed broken broadcasting. Fixed bug with Rangefinder firing when trying to use the actual ruler tool. Merged KO pull request. Pressing 'P' now adds a waypoint while dragging as well as right click for users on touch pads.

2.1.0 - Added Dash to drag ruler. Added configurability in settings. See README on github for more info.


2.0.5 - Fix issue with distance calculation when you set waypoint before exceeding movement speed. Changed broadcast ruler color to be correct user color instead of using player's color.

2.0.4 Update: Added broadcasting of dragging to other users.

2.0.3 Update: Fixed issue with other placeable objects(Tiles, Journal Entries) and pressing 'X' now cancels drag movement after deleting all waypoints.

2.0.2 Update: Bug fixes.

2.0.0 Update: Complete revamp, you may need to uninstall old version to get this one to work. If you're having conflicts, try installing last stable version. 1.1.4.

Can now set waypoints while dragging token. Highlight changes on tiles that exceed token movement speed.



Shows the distance you've dragged your token similar to using the ruler tool. 

Option to show the path while dragging by default as opposed to just the number. Holding ctrl WHILE dragging will show/reveal the path based on the setting.


No more CTRL clicking on the token and dragging to find a distance. With a token selected, just hold control, and it will automatically find range from token to mousepoint. You can still use the Ruler tool as normal if you'd like though. And feature can be disabled.

Upcoming features:

No dropping tokens on grid squares already occupied(For DND5e)

Change color text to red when dragging/measuring exceeds player's speed.



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