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Unofficial Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator Import

Created 30 Jun 2021

Updated 30 Jun 2021

Authors Ethck, Snark

This module allows you to import your beautiful worlds from Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator (FMG -> into Foundry. Currently …

Module Collapse

Created 13 Jul 2021

Updated 13 Jul 2021

Author Ethck

This module was designed to allow the module enable/disable page to have collapsible sections for modules that are similar to …

Ethck's 5e Downtime Tracking

Created 29 Aug 2020

Updated 28 Jul 2021

Author Ethck

A Downtime tracker for your D&D 5e game. Allows configuration and automation of downtime activities while providing an intuitive interface …

Legendary Training Wheels

Created 04 Nov 2020

Updated 05 Jun 2021

Author Ethck

Legendary Training Wheels (LTW) serves to help you the DM utilize your high CR creatures to their fullest extent. As …

🐛 Bug Reporter

Created 16 Feb 2021

Updated 15 Jul 2021

Authors Ethck, Cody Swendrowski, Andrew Krigline

A module to make it easier to help your favorite package developers fix the problems you encounter! Assuming the package …