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The winners of the Package Jam 2022 are in!

The Package Jam is officially over! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Package Jam! If you’ve missed our winner announcements stre...

Vote in the Third Annual Foundry Package Jam

This year, participants entered 22 brand new packages, all compatible with FVTT V10 and enabling many new options for your campaign, and now we need your help choosing the winners!

Let’s translate all the packages! We’re proud to announce our new project: Foundry Hub Weblate

We’ve been hard at work preparing our latest tool designed to help the Foundry VTT community, and this time we’re going global! We are proud to present the Foundry Hub Weblate website. A p...

Foundry VTT v10 cover image

Level-Up Your Foundry VTT to v10!

After much anticipation, Foundry VTT Version 10 is just around the corner, and there is much rejoicing! Foundry VTT v10 brings a lot of great features that make gameplay more immersive for players, ma...

Package Jam 2022

The League of Extraordinary Foundry Virtual Tabletop Developers is proud to announce its third anniversary package jam. A Package Jam is an event where anyone can participate by creating a new module...

Nine Exciting Features in the Foundry VTT V9 Stable Release

V9 Stable of Foundry VTT is here and it's major. In this article, we cover some of the new and updated features!

Truly Automated Animations

Learn how to create automated spell effects in this guide by Paulcheeba. "With the following macros, I will automatically place an animated WebM video (or static webp image) asset on the scene and a...