EIM (Environment Interaction multisystem)

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Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9
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Created2 years ago
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Systems All systems
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Ace Library
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EIM (Environment Interaction multisystem)

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Environment Interaction allows GM users to create "environment tokens" that characters can interact with. These

Environment Interaction allows GM users to create "environment tokens" that characters can interact with. These interactions can include weapon attacks, skill checks and saves, and even executing macros.

When an interaction is selected, the corresponding item on the environment token's actor sheet is created on the character's actor sheet. After rolling the item to chat, the item is deleted from the character's actor sheet. In this way, the character's actor sheet is the same before and after the interaction.

A similar method is used to handle attack and damage rolls. When attack/damage buttons are clicked, the weapon is temporarily created on the character's actor sheet and used for the attack/damage roll before being deleted. This allows the character's relevant game stats to be used for the roll.

Every environment i bind to a specific item configuration where you can set a collection of macro for make everything full customizable and system dependent.

The scope of the module is to give a base for doing smart interactive placable obejct usable from players even when gm is absent and you want to leave something to do to the players.

Token Interaction

Door Interaction

Note Interaction

The Idea


Note: This is module is inspired from the wonderful work done by these developers:

If you want to support more modules of this kind, I invite you to go and support their patreons or kofis account you can found the links on their github pages


It's always easiest to install modules from the in game add-on browser.

To install this module manually:

  1. Inside the Foundry "Configuration and Setup" screen, click "Add-on Modules"
  2. Click "Install Module"
  3. In the "Manifest URL" field, paste the following url:
  4. Click 'Install' and wait for installation to complete
  5. Don't forget to enable the module in game using the "Manage Module" button


This module uses the libWrapper library for wrapping core methods. It is a hard dependency and it is recommended for the best experience and compatibility with other modules.

Known Issue/Feature to develop

  • Still actively developing the better integration with these modules: Monk's TokenBarToken Action HUDLet Me Roll That For You!.
  • When delete the item on the actor interactor a exception is launched should be solved on foundryvvt 9 for now ignore the exception
  • Documentation can be a lot better...
  • For know works only on Door, Note and Token
  • Trigger happy integration coming soon
  • Make css of the list images customizable

How to use

How to configure the integration with others module

More details on the macro field structure

Community Compendium

Supported systems

The multi system can work with only custom macro, but if you want the 'SUCCESS/FAILURE' integration for now i'm trying to work with these modules:


More details on the readme of the project.

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