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Lyynix: More Journal Enrichers

Created 02 Oct 2023

Updated 01 Apr 2024

Author Lyynix

Lyynix' More Journal Enrichers This is a module for FoundryVTT.FoundryVTTs text editor natively supports the enricher @UUID, which is extended …

Backgroundless Pins

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 28 Sep 2022

Authors Cole Schultz, Kandashi, ghost

Removes the background box from map notes. This preview also uses the Pin Cushion module to allow for customizable map …

Simple Name Generator

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 26 Jan 2022

Author megastruktur

Simple name generator for FoundryVTT   A Simple Name Generator macros for you and your world!   Adds Macros to …

MINDMAP- Moerills Indecision Negator, Decision Maker And Planner

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 20 Nov 2020

Author Moerill

[BETA Release] Adds a new view to Journal Entries for creating mind map like graphs. In this view you can …

Sane Magical Item Prices Compendium

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 29 Aug 2022

Author Martin

An implementation of the Sane Magical Item Prices PDF. Complete with links to DDB.


Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 31 May 2021

Author U~man

Allows dragging images from journal entries to the canvas to create Tiles.

Forgotten Adventures Extensive DM Screen

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 10 Aug 2023

Author fohswe

This is a DM Screen based on the Forgotten Adventures Extensive DM Screen - 5th edition. It includes a Table …

Simple Worldbuilding Plus

Created 21 Jun 2020

Updated 03 Mar 2024

Author Asacolips

Simple Worldbuilding Plus This is a small module that adds a few quality of life enhancements to make it easier …

(0.6.6 only) Batch Permission Change By Folder

Created 21 Jun 2020

Updated 04 Jun 2022

Author Will Saunders

0.0.2 Update: - Added Actor Folder to changeable permissions.   Adds a context option to folders in Items, Journals, and …

Journal Sync

Created 27 Jun 2020

Updated 05 Jun 2022

Author Sytone

Foundry VTT Journal Sync   This module will allow you to export and import Journal entries to the server and …

Custom Journal

Created 12 Aug 2020

Updated 05 Jul 2023

Authors Sanyella, Fair Strides

FVTT Custom Journal Theming - The Journals of your Dreams! New Changes: Upgraded to v10 of Foundry (Finally! I'm sorry …

Forbidden Lands Party Sheet

Created 19 Aug 2020

Updated 03 Apr 2021

Author Maxter

A module for Forbidden Lands system. Adds a party sheet where you can visually assign party members to various travel …