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Lights HUD Control + Active Token Effect

Created 18 Apr 2022

Updated 26 Jun 2022

Authors Malekal, PhilippeK, p4535992

LightHUD+ATE If you want to buy me a coffee  This project is born like a fusion of the features of …

Advanced Macros

Created 22 May 2021

Updated 05 Nov 2023

Authors mclemente, p4535992

Enhance the utility of your macros. Features Allow non-GM users to run macros as the GM. Execute script macros as …

Safety Tools

Created 03 Jun 2021

Updated 02 Sep 2023

Authors Max Cerrina, Daniel Solano Gómez, p4535992, Kit

This module aims to provide Foundry with the full set of safety tools described in TTRPG Safety Toolkit. Features include: …

Variant Encumbrance + Midi

Created 01 Sep 2021

Updated 04 Feb 2024

Authors Vanir, 47Y, p4535992, IHaveThatPower

Variant Encumbrance If you want to buy me a coffee A visual modification to player character sheets to better display …

Hidden Entity Links

Created 15 Sep 2021

Updated 06 Oct 2023

Authors Erceron, p4535992

Hidden Entity Links A module for FoundryVTT for hide things... Hides entities in the sidebar if players have Limited access …

Sidebar Context

Created 04 Nov 2021

Updated 04 Mar 2023

Authors Kandashi, p4535992

Sidebar Context If you want to buy me a coffee Adds a few right click options for various documents: Roll …

Rarity Colors

Created 09 Nov 2021

Updated 28 Dec 2023

Authors Kandashi, p4535992

Rarity Colors If you want to buy me a coffee Give your Inventory and Sidebar a splash of color. Re-colors …

Token Hotbar

Created 09 Nov 2021

Updated 21 Aug 2023

Authors janssen-io, p4535992

Token Hotbar If you want to buy me a coffee This module provides a unique hotbar for every token. If …

Sense Walls Multisystem

Created 07 Feb 2022

Updated 21 Mar 2022

Authors JDCalvert, p4535992

Sense Walls Multisystem A module for Foundry VTT that allows to add and remove walls based on the active effects …

FoundryVTT Automated Polymorpher

Created 12 Mar 2022

Updated 21 Jul 2023

Author p4535992

FoundryVTT Automated Polymorpher A user interface to manage the polymorph feature of Dnd5e with summoning animations. Note: This is module …

Border Control

Created 26 Apr 2021

Updated 31 Jan 2024

Authors Kandashi, p4535992

Border Control (Control your tokens borders) If you want to buy me a coffee Can prevent borders from showing on …

Introduce Me

Created 10 Jun 2022

Updated 30 Jan 2024

Authors HarryBoy, p4535992

Introduce Me if you feel generous you can to buy me a coffee A Foundry VTT module that lets you …