Variant Encumbrance + Midi

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Minimum Core0.7.10
Compatible Core0.8.9
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Systems Dnd5e
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Variant Encumbrance

A visual modification to player character sheets to better display the effects of the Encumbrance variant ruleset in the PHB. The effects of this module are currently purely visual, although restricting movement and applying the negative effects of encumbrance are intended for a future version.

For D&D5e 1.4.2 and newer the system supports a core implementation of this encumbrance rule. The module should be synchronized with the core functionality, but this module will permit more customised rules for your weight calculations/thresholds and the speed penalties are integrated with active effect.


This module uses the libWrapper library for wrapping core methods. It is a hard dependency and it is recommended for the best experience and compatibility with other modules.


This module uses the midi-qol. It is a optional dependency but it is recommended for the best experience and compatibility with other modules.


NOTE: If "midiqol" is deactivated or not present, the active effects will apply only the speed reduction without the variations of advantage and disadvantage typical of the rule


Character Sheets compatibility

Other Modules Compatability


Redesigned weight bar


The default character weight bar has received a lick of paint, giving labels for all four weight thresholds. These thresholds are also reconfigurable in the settings, and will update the bar to display the new proportions.

Speed Reduction (Optional)

Effect-based Speed Reduction (0.2+)

Your encumbrance status is automatically used to provide a modified speed value, taking your default character speed and modifying it by -10 and -20 for encumbered and heavily encumbered, and reducing to 0 when over encumbered. (For 0.1.5, the speed value must be separated by a space from its units).

Character Size & Powerful Build (Optional)

Enabled by default, the module will modify your maximum carry weight according to your character's size, and whether you have the powerful build special trait. This feature can be disabled in the module settings. (Credit to Eruestani for implementing this).

Item Weight Multipliers (Optional)

In the module settings, custom multipliers are available for unequipped, equipped, and proficiently equipped items. This was mainly added for my house rules, where equipped proficient items get a small weight reduction due to experience handling them, but this lends some flexibility to the system for anyone to use.

Variant Encumbrance Flag

Should you wish to integrate some of Variant Encumbrance's calculations into your own modules, there is now a flag which stores the actor's encumbrance tier, weight, and modified speed. Encumbrance tier is presented as 0, 1, 2, 3, as Unencumbered, Encumbered, Heavily Encumbered, Over Encumbered, respectively.

  burrow: 0,
  climb: 0,
  fly: 0,
  swim: 0,
  walk: 30,
  data: {
    totalWeight: 0,
    lightMax: 50,
    mediumMax: 100,
    heavyMax: 150,
    encumbranceTier: 0,
    speedDecrease: 0
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