FoundryVTT Arms Reach

Latest version2.1.0
Minimum Core0.8.6
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created6 months ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
Dependencies libWrapper
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FoundryVTT Arms Reach

Little Utilities, Arms Reach for door, journal, stairways, token, ecc.

This project is born like a upgrade of the project Arms Reach ty to psyny, in preparation of foundry vtt 0.8.0, but after a while i put some feature here and there and now i got something a little more complex.

I'll try to make this module system indipendent , but if anyone has some rule distance computation for a specific system i can put some more settings for manage that.

NOTE: If you are a javascript developer and not a typescript developer, you can just use the javascript files under the dist folder

Known issue/Limitation

  • I know there is some measure distance issue expecially with diagonals, here some details current issue

  • The module setting "Avoid deselects the controlled token" doesn't work well with the option "Release on left click" of foundry , if you own more than a token you will find yourself to manually reselect the token anyway


It's always easiest to install modules from the in game add-on browser.

To install this module manually:

  1. Inside the Foundry "Configuration and Setup" screen, click "Add-on Modules"
  2. Click "Install Module"
  3. In the "Manifest URL" field, paste the following url:
  4. Click 'Install' and wait for installation to complete
  5. Don't forget to enable the module in game using the "Manage Module" button


This module uses the libWrapper library for wrapping core methods. It is a hard dependency and it is recommended for the best experience and compatibility with other modules.


The interaction distance is measure by the distance between a token and a placeable object like door, journal, stairways, ecc.

To interact with a door, journal, ecc., the player need to have a token selected (or own a token) for make the calculation distance working well

Door Feature

  • Enable the GM to select the maximum distance that players can interact with a door (needs a token selected) (DM bypass this limitation)

  • Pressing 'e' opens/closes a door nearest of current selected token

  • Holding 'e' centers the camera on current selected token

  • Double tapping movement on the direction of a door will interact with it

Stairways Feature

  • If the module 'stairways' is present and active and the module settings is true there is a distance check interaction when you click on the stairways icon.

Journal Feature

  • Add distance calculation for note and journal on the canvas
  • Automatically flag journal notes to show on the map without having to have your players turn it on themselves.

Token Feature (Beta need feedback)

  • Add distance calculation for owned source token and generic target token on the canvas for open the sheet and emulate a loot chest
  • GM can't use this feature because they owned every token so you must set the explicit the source token on module setting
  • This feature work with only one owned source token on the canvas at the time
  • You must set the name of your source token (not the character name) on the module setting
  • If no source token is setted on the module setting the module take the first owned token of the player

Light Feature (Beta need feedback)

Reset Doors and Fog feature Feature

Adds a button to the Walls Menu to Shut all doors in the current scene. Also adds a menu to the context dropdown for the Scene Navigation and Scene Directory menus to shut all doors and delete fog in the selected scene to prepare it for a fresh visit from characters. I find it useful after QAing a new map for holes in walls/doors and checking lighting, etc.

Changes the functionality from closing ALL doors to closing ONLY opened doors. Doors that are currently locked remain locked, and are not closed.

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