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Fryke's Music Streamer

Created 15 May 2022

Updated 15 May 2022

Author Fryke

This is a simple module that adds a small HTML audio player ( meant specifically for playing an audio stream. …

SWADE Sfx & Vfx Enchantments

Created 07 Jul 2021

Updated 17 Feb 2022

Author Randy Rosales

SWADE Sfx & Vfx Enchantments Make your weapons, spells, items, etc. feel more real in your SWADE games in foundry …

Track Tracker

Created 22 Jul 2021

Updated 22 Jul 2021

Author Carter_DC

This was my susbmission for this year's package jam organized by the League of Extraordinary Foundry VTT Developers.from provided …

Token Says

Created 26 Jul 2021

Updated 05 Nov 2023

Authors napolitanod, DianeOfTheMoon

Token Says Bring some penache into your world. With Token Says, make tokens speak dialog or audio based on in …

Faster Audio Preload

Created 05 Aug 2021

Updated 06 Aug 2021

Author Kandashi

This module simply starts the preload of the next track in a playlist half way through the current track, rather than 20s before it ends It can also specify a playlist to auto-preload when a client logs in.

Video Game Music

Created 14 Oct 2021

Updated 31 Aug 2022

Author Furyspark

Video Game Music Adds music playing powers to FoundryVTT like it's a gosh-darn video game. Once music managed by this …


Created 21 Nov 2021

Updated 25 Jul 2023

Author Wojciech polak

SyrinControl - provides integration with Syrinscape Online Features New Syrinscape Online viewer A possibility to import playlists Audio & Volume …

Hidden Soundtracks

Created 06 Dec 2021

Updated 06 Dec 2021

Author Kandashi

Hides the soundtrack name and the playlist controlls from non GM accounts (as they cant use it anyway)

Light/Sound Mask

Created 10 Dec 2021

Updated 01 Jul 2023

Author caewok

Light/Sound Mask This module adds a toggle to Foundry VTT light and sound configuration to "mask" lights and sounds with …
Premium content

Ivan Duch's Exclusive Patreon Pack

Created 22 Dec 2021

Updated 17 Nov 2023

Author Ivan Duch

This is a music pack with exclusive to Ivan Duch's Patreon subscribers. It includes all his exclusive content like extra …

Small Visual Tweaks

Created 03 Feb 2022

Updated 27 May 2023

Author Rafael “Miriadis” Masoni

Formerly known as ‘Playlist Down’, this module adds some small visual tweaks to Foundry's UI. It currently highlights the ‘Currently …

Playlist Group

Created 23 Feb 2022

Updated 07 Oct 2022

Author Skeroujvapluvit

Playlist Group This module allows you to create playlist groups, i.e. playlists that group all the tracks from other playlists …