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Tabletop RPG Music

Created 22 Oct 2020

Updated 04 Oct 2021

Author Tabletop RPG Music

This module provides a free and ever growing collection of Fantasy and Sci-Fi music for the Foundry Virtual Tabletop community …

Hidden Soundtracks

Created 04 Jun 2021

Updated 10 Jun 2021

Author Kandashi

Hides the soundtrack name and the playlist controlls from non GM accounts (as they cant use it anyway)

Darkraven Games Free Fantasy and Sci-Fi Soundscapes

Created 10 Feb 2021

Updated 22 Jul 2021

Author Darkraven Games

Foundry Virtual Tabletop has teamed up with Darkraven Games to provide you all with thrilling audio to boost your RPG …

Playlist Drag and Drop

Created 03 Mar 2021

Updated 16 Aug 2021

Author Glen Simon

  Allows dragging playlist soundtracks from the sidebar and dropping them onto the map as ambient sounds.   Default sound …


Created 13 Mar 2021

Updated 31 Jul 2021

Author bekit

What is Walkie-Talkie Transmit voice chat to an individual with a push-to-talk microphone. Are you running a game and the …

Moulinette Sounds & SoundPad (module)

Created 19 Apr 2021

Updated 23 Oct 2021

Author Sven Werlen

This module for Moulinette adds capabilities for managing your sounds and create a soundpad. Bring your own sounds, manage them …

Deadlands (SWADE) Gun Enchantments

Created 21 Apr 2021

Updated 18 Oct 2021

Author Randy Rosales

Deadlands (SWADE) Gun Enchantments   Make your weapons feel more real in your Deadlands (SWADE) games in foundry VTT, with …


Created 21 May 2021

Updated 31 Jul 2021

Author bekit

libCaptions Library module for displaying closed captioning / audio transcription within FoundryVTT. This module does not provide captioning services itself, …

Playlist Down

Created 01 Jun 2021

Updated 25 Jun 2021

Author Rafael “Miriadis” Masoni

This module changes the appearance of the playlist tab, moving the ‘Currently Playing’ and ‘Global Volume’ blocks to the bottom …


Created 21 Jan 2021

Updated 21 Jan 2021

Author U~man

Adds a simple fading control to playlist sounds. Once the module activated, you will notice an F control next to …

SWADE Sfx & Vfx Enchantments

Created 07 Jul 2021

Updated 08 Oct 2021

Author Randy Rosales

SWADE Sfx & Vfx Enchantments Make your weapons, spells, items, etc. feel more real in your SWADE games in foundry …


Created 14 Jul 2021

Updated 01 Sep 2021

Author CDeenen

Soundscape is a module that gives users an easy way to mix down multiple audio tracks into a single highly …