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Token Says

Bring some penache into your world. With Token Says, make tokens speak dialog or audio based on in game actions. 


Why Use?

A halfling archer that says little quips whenever they score a hit with their shortbow. A samurai warrior that expresses various teachings with each katana strike. A lion that roars on occasional bites. A horde of goblins that taunt their victims. Squeaky sneaker movement. All of these things are possible with Token Says.

Token Says sayings are fully customizable by the GM and are designed to be flexible to your needs. Alleviate some of the burden of being a GM and give your players access to edit their own character's phrases by linking a saying to a rollable table that players have permission to edit. Or, make it simple and link to an existing compendium's rollable table! Don't think that halfling archer would come up with a quip every time? No sweat! Set a likelihood for how often a token will say a particular saying and Token Says will only trigger that percent of the time.


Display of token says results - a chat bubble is derived on the token and in the chat message.

Pesky goblins harrass an Azure as they attack. Uses 'Insults For A Lawful Good Character Using Vicious Mockery' rolltable from FVTT Community Tables module in order to randomize through 100 insults. (token art by Forgotten Adventures)


How it Works

The Token Says feature uses a set of Token Says sayings that you create for your world in order to auto generate chat messages, chat bubbles and audio sounds when specific tokens or actors do something. The token may say the same thing every time or it can be randomized using a playlist or rollable table. Other features include:

  • Use of compendium data so that the rollable tables and playlists do not need to be in your world (though you can also use your world's data too).
  • Sayings can be specific to a certain action (e.g. token performs an attack roll with a warhammer) or generic (e.g. token performs an ability check).
  • Likelihood can be set so that the token doesn't always say something. For example, with a likelihood of 10 set for a token's initiative check, they will only say something on 10% of their initiative rolls.


Create and Manage Sayings with Ease

Rules settings form

Token Says sayings can be configured within the "Open Sayings" area of the game module settings or from within a token's configuration form header by selecting the 'Says' icon.


Additional Instructions

See the linked github page for a more detailed guide on using the module.


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