Flash News

News which either doesn’t warrant a whole article, or is so urgent that it needs to get out before we have a chance to do a bigger article, or a combination of the two.

Website Update – August 2021

Hello everyone, JDW here to give you some news on the Foundry Hub website. This month have seen several layout updates, and we added four new pages. So let's dive in right away!

Automatic Walls Tool for Foundry VTT

Dungeon Channel just released an awesome new tool that will automatically generate walls for your custom maps. This tool is designed especially for cartographers and works by uploading a layout of you...

The Rollsmith – A new digital dice workshop for Foundry

You are now able to extend your dice buying addiction to the digital space. The Rollsmith is a new service launched by the creator of the Dice So Nice! module and his 3D artist friend to bring you new...

Isometrics Module by grape_juice Public Release

The widely teased isometrics module from grape_juice has gotten it's first public release today. In case you don't know what it is or have never heard about it before this module's main feature is imp...