The Furnace

Latest version2.6.1
Minimum Core0.8.4
Compatible Core0.8.6
Last updated11 months ago
Created3 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Advanced Macros
Initiative Double Click
DFreds Droppables
Less Fog
Split Journal
Project source Project URL

Version 2.6.1 of the Furnace releases with only a manifest which links to 5 other modules as dependencies which carry the torch for some of the features of the Furnace which no longer functions on 0.8:

- Advanced Macros

- Initiative Double Click

- Split Journal

- Less Fog

- DFreds Droppables

Visit the readme for more information.



Old Description:

No Foundry is complete without its Furnace!

This module contains a set of features that improve the Quality of Life of the DM/Players. The current features are :

Advanced Drawing Tools :Improved drawing tools with different pattern fill types, new HUD, and various options.

Advanced Macros: Use async script macros, handlebars templating, recursive macro calls and call macros with arguments or directly from chat.

Split Journal : Select the split option from the context menu on a journal entry to split it into multiple entries.

Tokens : As GM, you can enable/disable token vision for yourself. You can also drop an actor folder into a scene to deploy multiple tokens at once.

Combat : Double click the initiative value in the combat tracker to quickly modify it.

Playlists : Adds a 'Now Playing' section, and auto-hides sound controls until hovered. Helps in fine tuning of low level volumes.

See website from URL below for instructions on how to use all these features.

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Calego (Elf Friend)
2 years ago

An update from the League of Foundry Devs. Kakaroto has left the Furnace in community hands so he can focus on working on the Forge.
With 0.8, several of the Forge’s larger functionalities broke pretty badly.

Some of the things the Forge did was already being replaced by smaller modules so we made the call to continue splitting it up and salvaging what could be saved like that.

An update for 0.8.4 was released which contains no code, but instead is dependent on all of the smaller modules:

These cover almost all the functionality that was still working at the end of 0.7.

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