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Dying Condition

Created 15 Feb 2021

Updated 21 Feb 2021

Author Amuxix

A simple to add a new way to deal with death by implementing a new condition called Dying inspired by …
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DSA5/TDE5 - Aventurische Rüstkammer/Armory

Created 25 Feb 2021

Updated 13 Jul 2021

Author Plushtoast

The DSA5 / TDE Aventurian Armory Module German Version Kein Krieger kommt ohne seine Waffen, kein Dieb ohne sein Einbruchswerkzeug …
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DSA5/TDE5 - Aventurisches Bestiarium/Bestiary

Created 25 Feb 2021

Updated 13 Jul 2021

Author Plushtoast

The DSA5 TDE Aventuria Bestiary Module German Version In den Wäldern, Sümpfen und Dschungel Aventuriens lauern furchterregende Kreaturen, die Helden …

Status effect timer

Created 05 Mar 2021

Updated 05 Mar 2021

Author Gosha

This is a hacky and lightweight alternative to DAE + MidiQoL functionalities of timed status effects and concentration for low …

RC Spent / Recoverable Ammo Tracker

Created 17 Mar 2021

Updated 17 Mar 2021

Author rcebulko

RC Spent/Recoverable Ammo Tracker   Made for the DnD5e system. In 5e, after a combat, you can choose to spend …

PF2E Persistent Damage

Created 20 Mar 2021

Updated 26 Sep 2021

Author Supe

    Small module to keep track of persistent damage (and now fast healing/regeneration) for pathfinder 2E using the effects …

Oliver's Dark Heresy 2E Extras

Created 27 Mar 2021

Updated 28 Mar 2021

Author Oliver Marshall

Oliver's Dark Heresy 2 Extras An extention to moo-man's excellent DarkHeresy2E-FoundryVTT. This module only optionally depends on the DH2 System …

Wild Magic Surge 5e

Created 09 May 2021

Updated 13 Sep 2021

Author John Nolan

This module provide various bits of functionality to help automate the Wild Magic Surge feat. Prerequisites Ensure your Player Character …

DnD5 Cheatsheet

Created 14 May 2021

Updated 11 Jul 2021

Author Nehorim

This module aims to provide a fast and concise DnD5 Cheatsheet. With easy access buttons (can be disabled in settings). …

Combat Messages

Created 14 May 2021

Updated 06 Jun 2021

Author Marcos Walker

Combat Messages Módulo para Foundry Vtt Defina lembretes que serão apresentados no chat no Round desejado..  

FFG Star Wars Enhancements

Created 18 May 2021

Updated 05 Sep 2021

Authors Wrycu, x0d0a

This module is designed to supplement the StarWarsFFG FoundryVTT system. The enhancements included are aimed at providing sane defaults for …

Initiative Double Click

Created 22 May 2021

Updated 15 Sep 2021


A tiny module to allow double clicking the initiative value in the combat tracker to quickly modify it.