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Weather Reports

A simple weather macro and rolltable set for any Foundry VTT system†

This module contains one easy to use WR Regional Weather Reports Generator macro, several reference macros, several homebrew roll-tables and a Weather Reports Journal complete with inter-linked weather conditions and effects.

Integrations and Dependencies:

  • Simple Calendar - Dependency (required dependency for now, will be optional in later versions)

  • FXMaster - Recommended (Required to use weather reports effects - Throws a harmless error if not installed, will be optional in later versions)


Once the module is installed and you have enabled the module in your world, there is one thing you should do for ease of use. While this module can be used in it's entirety directly from the Weather Reports compendia, it is recommended that you drag the WR Weather Reports Generator macro directly to your hotbar:


You can drag the macro from the Weather Reports Macros compendium to your hotbar.


Dragging the macro to your hotbar. Then simply click the macro run a weather report!

How to use Weather Reports:

After you have dragged the macro to your hotbar, click it! You will be presented with multiple regions to choose from. Each region has four seasons that you will be prompted to choose from. Selecting a season rolls its specific series of roll-tables and outputs the results to chat, and at the same time sends those same details to Simple Calendar for tracking the event and its duration.


This is the Weather Report Generator, currently there are 9 regions to choose from!


This is the Jungle Weather Report generator, clicking one of these seasons will roll several roll-tables and output the results to chat.

The chat card contains the following information:

  1. Weather condition and link to the conditions descriptive journal entry.

  2. FXMaster Effect button - clicking this will start the associated WR FXMaster Condition Effect.

  3. Temperature description in both °C and °F.

  4. Duration of the effect. This duration is also sent to Simple Calendar.


Example of the chat card.


Example of the condition effect description journals.

How Weather Reports works and what it does:

The macro gives you the option to roll from several seasons and situational effect roll-tables. These are all included in the module's "Weather Reports Macros", "Weather Reports Rolltables" and "Weather Reports Journals" compendiums. The macros, roll-tables and journals do not need to be copied to your sidebar for the module to work as they are interlinked directly within the compendia.

The macro rolls directly from your hotbar, which presents the DM with a list of regions that once a region is chosen, the DM is propted with a list of seasons for that region. When a regional season is selected it's associated series of roll-tables are rolled and the details are formatted and sent to the chat window as a chat card. At the same time the report is also sent to simple calendar and stored as a trackable event.

There are currently over 700 possible results, including 100 wild magic surge conditions and several Strange Phenomena that may occur!

Future plans:

I will be fleshing out a DnD5e companion module at some point in the future. I intend on adding vanilla D&D 5e SRD based condition automation with Dynamic Active Effects that will add conditions to all tokens when a Weather Report is applied to the scene.

DAE will not be necessary to enjoy the module without any automation, but it would be recommended for the full experience when this feature is added. I also plan to add the ability to roll damage or request saving throws directly from a Journal entry or an Actor representing a Weather Condition that DM's can roll from.

Please Note†:

Please note that while this module is described as being system agnostic, the flavor used for the weather condition descriptions within the journal entries are geared towards DnD5e and PF2e as they include occasional damage rolls and saving throws. This added flavor in the descriptions has no mechanical function within the module and can be ignored when being used in other game systems. Future versions of this module may include a version of the Weather Reports journal that is 100% system agnostic within it's descriptions.


Special thanks to Farling#9579, mxzf#5874, Freeze#2689, honeybadger#2614 and Zhell#9201 for their guidance when I struggled with the JS.

The "Spicy" rolltables included are based on homebrew by KibblesTasty . You can find more homebrew by KibblesTasty at .

This module is a reimagining of an older module called Weather Effects that is no longer maintained .

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