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Regions is a world-building/adventure writing assistant that enables you to link together all of your Foundry documents - Scenes, Actors, Items, Journals, Rolltables and Playlists - combined with a number of custom tags that together help you to organize central concepts of your world.


Regions works by letting you define a Region, which represents any organization of documents or information that you can think of (be it a town, a forest, a kingdom, a planet, or perhaps an adventure) within which it breaks down your documents into Associations. You can organize your Associations with Categories, add descriptions, and quickly pull up their information with a click (or more, depending on the document type!)

In order to help you build out a Region, you can also create Custom Tags. These can be anything you want, ranging from additional text fields to numbers, counters, sliders, or drop down selections. Like any other Association, you are free to organize these into Categories.

You can also create Templates, which allow you can apply to a region to quickly add a preset of Custom Tags to, letting you more quickly add in your creative thoughts.

Because Regions can be complex, it also supports a full Backup system - including an easy way to export your custom tags and templates that you can share with others.


Almost all of Regions is based on simple drag & drop - be it a single Actor or an entire folder of them.

Quick shortcuts via right clicking on the the Regions Icon can let you swiftly swap to scenes, open actors or rolltables, or even immediately start playing a playlist that is associated with a Region.

For more detailed breakdown of using Regions, visit the Regions Wiki for extensive documentation at

Support Me!

This module is free for use, however if you enjoy it and wish to help support the developer, please visit my Ko-Fi and leave a tip! Geekswordsman's Ko-Fi!


Provided templates based off The Chronodex by Sarah Kaiser (@KaiserMakes), licensed under 2018 CC BY-NC 4.0
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