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Debug Report Generator

Created 28 Jul 2021

Updated 05 Dec 2022

Authors jsavko, Geekswordsman

v10 Support button report extended   v0.7-v9 Debug Report  Install module and use `/debug` to generate a report useful for …


Created 06 Aug 2021

Updated 03 Feb 2023

Author Geekswordsman

Regions is a world-building/adventure writing assistant that enables you to link together all of your Foundry documents - Scenes, Actors, …

TinyMCE Extended CSS

Created 24 Nov 2021

Updated 25 Sep 2022

Author Geekswordsman

TExtended - The Tiny MCE Extender A helpful module for easily adding in options to the Tiny MCE editor - …

(Whisper) Sweet Nothings

Created 28 Dec 2021

Updated 24 Jul 2023

Author Geekswordsman

(Whisper) Sweet Nothings - The Powerful Whisper and Chat Module Use quick keybinds to bring up a rich-text powered whisper …

Masks: A New Generation Sheets

Created 28 Jan 2022

Updated 16 Jun 2023

Author Geekswordsman

Masks: A New Generation Sheets A suite of new sheets styles specifically for Masks: A New Generation.  This module extends …

Salvage Yard

Created 07 Mar 2022

Updated 13 Jun 2023

Author Geekswordsman

The Salvage Yard - holds on to deleted documents to prevent catastrophy. What? If you're worried about accidentally deleting data …

Compendium Permissions

Created 25 Jul 2022

Updated 25 Jul 2022

Author Geekswordsman

Compendium Permissions is a simple module that enables GM's to set view permissions on compendiums individually between their players. Simply …

Core Settings Expanded

Created 25 Aug 2022

Updated 05 Jun 2023

Author Geekswordsman

Expands Foundry's Core settings and functionality, providing methods for changing defaults or adding additional features (such as Status Icons) that …

Token Mold

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 18 Aug 2023

Authors Moerill, Geekswordsman

Adds options to customize the token creation workflow, as well as auras and a quick attribute checker when hovering over …